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  1. califragmentlemon a

    It's so refreshing to genuinely see Link having so much fun this whole episode especially on the trampoline and horn tooting

  2. Rehaan Mirani

    Damn, I used to watch the gmm crew channel more than gmm back in the day lol

  3. Diya K

    Hope this video gets randomly recommended to everyone at some point lmao.

  4. Kamyk Aster

    Stevie has always had such lovely hair.

  5. The Roaming Gnome...Glenn Munro! VRCM/SkyWarn

    🐻 l 🤓 = 🥃🤺 = 🐻 l 💀

  6. Kadeja Mccutchin

    I live in South Georgia

  7. Justin Lee

    Stevie is soo Goated 😭💙

  8. HippiePanda

    That last round had me in absolute stitches, it was so bloody funny 🤣😂🤣😂

  9. Blue BaconXp


  10. Michael Sheehan

    Stevie makes everything better.

  11. Carlos Quintana

    Rhett say “Too hard on the wiener”, only men understand that just a second 🤣 and women learning then now understand that just way later until teen or older just maybe 😂, 9:20 Link get it just a 1-second of course 😂 🤣.

  12. sampurna ghosh


  13. Ellex Payne

    I have never seen link win mini golf before

  14. Oregonvaultgirl Brandy

    So hard not to laugh and wake the bf up because of the last round 😂

  15. Roda Mohamed


  16. Presley Frederiksen

    Daaaaaaang Rhett. That post malone impersonation was great

  17. TalynCo

    Rhett's aged photo looks like George Carlin.

  18. Parvati Patil

    The original video where Mythical Beastie came from. ❤️ She's great!!!

  19. Viola H

    I’m pregnant craving this 😩😅

  20. Tomoki Or T-Pain

    stevie is beautiful

  21. Andrew Desmarais

    "Give me a ringaling if you want some ding doooong"

  22. Damon DeGrave

    Do lil Debbie next

  23. qopoy dnon

    I’m going to be thinking about Link talking about water chestnuts all day

  24. Suzie Theresa

    Restaurant secret.. They recycle their used oil.. They drain the fryers clean the oil and use it again. That's why their foods look much better

  25. J-dayday

    look like a trucker stop bathroom staII gloreihoule

  26. Chris Moon

    ASMR gone to GMM!!! lol! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Jimmy G

    15:50 That is an AMAZING save by Stevie. Actually an underrated athletic effort.

  28. Marilou Flake Stardust

    i like how he was given with a rating scale because whenever he said "oh this is very good!" he's just gonna rate it as "that's a 30"

  29. Project Bricks

    Oh man you made me have asthma with *”ho me ho”* and stevies “sorry ho” 💀💀

  30. Miguel


  31. Isaac Van Drimmelen

    I’m still dying of laughter from that last one😂

  32. Floortile83

    Technically you cant mix chicken and peanut butter because they're both protein.

  33. Sydney Pierson

    “let’s talk about that” 😭

  34. Random Monkey Studios

    Alternate universe: good mythical night.

  35. Josh

    ...COME ON!!!

  36. Mitch Perdue

    It means you need to move back to the best state, NC

  37. Roman Valeri

    OMG Link why was he soo funny

  38. Mason Kearley

    Stevie is so cute

  39. Real RagnarTV

    Link literally hates everything OR has a refined palette. He probably has no business eating fast food and didnt grow up on it.

  40. Cayley

    So my fiancé is legit legally blind and he has waayyy better hearing than everyone else on an average because of it. After seeing this I seriously wonder what it be like for him😂

  41. Syko

    Stevie could get it any day of the week

  42. nicky TATS

    I said teeth!!!!

  43. syed_ways

    Where was peanut butter cupcakes? like what? i see them allllll the time

  44. Alex Olson

    I want to do unholy things to stevie

  45. AlwaysOveranalyzing

    As fun as this game seems, I am now very concerned I’m being listened to by Ms. Kravitz’s and creepsters alike at any given time. I was okay with the government monitoring us but the masses cannot be trusted with such power!

  46. Kenzie Ann

    Adding points to this challenge is like adding sprinkles to a mud cake.

  47. Stepan Games YouTube


  48. Xenon Productions

    Last round was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while and Rhetts “see you in GMMore” just made the whole thing even funnier for some reason 😂

  49. Nelly Huaman

    💀💀💀💀 the last round

  50. X

    I love zingers

  51. Ruby Doobie

    Glad to see escalating points gone.

  52. Robert Rai

    The thing that I literally eat everyday won, yesssssss

  53. TheRubyGames

    Am I the only one who thinks sailor Moon is just a magical girl anime and not a superhero by definition but whatever

  54. Alice Klassen

    You guys should collab with the KoranEnglishman channel. It would be hillarious and tasty for you!

  55. D P

    "Tastes like unicorn!"

  56. Keith Gardner

    I adore Stevie! Glad she joined you guys for this one. Also, Link, your hair is cool AF.

  57. Brandon Martinez

    4:38 Rhett predicts the future!!!

  58. Rae Renee

    “It’s limp” “we want it to get hard” I feel like I have also said these words before at some point in my life

  59. Rae Renee

    😂😭 the innuendos really just got me

  60. Cole Warren

    Round 3 was.... Questionable Haha 😂😂😂

  61. st0rts .97

    Kfc is kind of special i guess for me. Used to go there with my parents when i was younger. Wed all get the buffet and have a good time. Those were some of the best times

  62. Leni Haylett

    8:32 my fav part. HA! what a touching moment!

  63. guardian

    stevie bad asf

  64. Toby Skull

    5:30 this brought me so much joy for some reason she's just so pure,,,,,I love her

  65. Aidan ODonnell

    Link was so edgy in this video 😂

  66. LadyLiddell

    I keep getting distracted by Link's shirt

  67. C R

    As a metal head I really appreciate the shirt ♥️

  68. A I


  69. A I

    I can’t believe u dogged hohos! BS

  70. camtwan1

    Why would this not be 1 task, like opening a can, or pouring a bowl of cereal. Instead of a bunch of impossible to guess random tasks.

  71. Rachel Lynch

    SO 👏 GOOD 👏

  72. lyrssiper

    13:33 😂😂

  73. Geoff Phelps

    Now do supervillains. It's only fair.

  74. Sybil Holiday

    Two Absolutely delightful Puer Aeternus archetypes at play - what fun you two are.

  75. Mia Cornali

    What I would do to have Stevie’s job right now

  76. Adorak

    It's not fun this way ... Rhett helps Link a lot more than Link helps Rhett ...

    1. Viktoria Idk

      Well Rhett's also a lot better at the game.

  77. Sophia uban

    stevie is a virgo isn’t she?

  78. dirtrider88

    im really happy this wasnt on a monday cause this video wasnt worth a 2 day wait.

  79. Clay3613

    Finally Link won!