Can We Find The Name Brand? (Game)

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    Today, we're seeing if we can determine which is the name brand dip. GMM # 1944
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    1. Breonna Brown

      Wet cheese... I've never heard that before. We call it wiz here in philly area

    2. Katie DeFrisco

      when will this game convert over to using magnets or something as opposed to pointy sticks lmao someone call osha

    3. Sp1cyN0va

      I laughed so hard at pupe

    4. Corey mac

      "Tostitos been frontin" 😅😅😅

    5. ReptilianDad

      Hummus Isn't a dip

    6. Alleigh Bal

      To me, bbq chips only taste good with sour cream. :x

    7. Paul Taufatofua

      Try ALDI products next time. Great video

    8. Simply The Best

      I love the scruff look Link! 😂 It really works man! 💪😎😂

    9. Alex Gaither

      HEB’s fresh guacamole is the best, HANDS DOWN

    10. matt west

      Sour cream goes on tacos man and tomato soup!

    11. matt west

      You guys always have such nice hair! Wish I had good hair 🤦🏻‍♂️

    12. Braydyn Jahraus

      I don't know about the states but in Canada the only good salsa is Pace every other one tastes like pasta sauce. also all premade guac is gross compared to the mix in ones.

    13. Michael

      If you're gonna buy Wholly Guacamole cups, you HAVE to buy the spicy one. It's way better than classic.

    14. SwollenRhino

      Link shave clean shave your age is showing! Rhett still looks the he never aged

    15. Amanda .CountryMusicFan

      The red pieces in the Sabra one probably pimento but Im not sure!

    16. Pete & Pete

      When I dip you dip we dip

      1. Holly Johnson

        Freak Nasty!

    17. Da Moose

      Msm stated "climate crisis is next" welcome to the brain wash.

    18. Manu Noel

      Wholefoods salsa and queso taste like butt

    19. AwesomeCat2012

      Rhett's joy over the hedgehog was adorable!

    20. Yusuf Gazi

      It’s sad when they don’t like Kroger

    21. rolled oats

      All the worsteses salsas 😞

    22. Isaac Spradlin

      One of my go to snacks is chippies dipped in sour cream mixed with taco seasoning

    23. Carissa Daughtry

      I never thought I’d say this on a GMM video....but Rhetts skin is 👏✨✨

    24. Meow Meow

      Personally, I can’t stand packaged guacamole. Homemade guacamole is just incomparable

    25. Sircade

      Pace salsa is disgusting

    26. Ffld Boys

      these are the videos i watch when i’m not feeling good and it makes me just ignore the runny nose etc and i can just enjoy these for ever thanks rehtt or how ever you spell it and of course link-Jt

    27. vero_7712

      "it's like cream... But sour." - Link Neal on sour cream, 2021

    28. Johnny Cliche

      I'll give you guys a heads up, if you go into the produce section of your local WalMart grocery store you'll find clear plastic containers of spicy guacamole made for Walmart...and that stuff is absolutely amazing for the's not the fake guacamole spread full of oil and fillers like some other places try to make, it's legit avocados and jalapenos...

    29. LinkinParkgirl1234

      Infant PUPE

    30. Zaykia Lowery

      Not me eating my roasted garlic hummus while they testin theirs 🤣🎯

    31. Josh PaperDragon

      14:10 The viewers look like the store brand of CinnamonToastKen and SuperMaryFace

    32. Candice Perry

      It is awesome to watch good mythical morning I like the will it videos

    33. Michael T

      This show has gone downhill

    34. James Gowan

      Sour Cream goes in a burrito, chili, soups.... not on a chip

    35. Diego Theveny

      "Its like creme, but sour" 🤣🤣🤣

    36. General Awareness

      I greatly preferred Rhett before his man bun days.

    37. Collin Bunetic

      What about spinach dip? Or artichoke dip? Hmmmm

    38. Collin Bunetic

      What about spinach dip? Or artichoke dip? Hmmmm

    39. Katie Miles

      russians in the chat when link said he doesnt eat sour cream with much of anything: 👁👄👁

    40. SquireWhipple

      That "Something About Mary" hairstyle on Link.

    41. missknisely

      Ugh none of your GMM videos are showing up in my subscriptions :( But I've been subbed for ages. Just letting you know in case views are down, might not be showing up for people.

    42. Logan Laxton

      put a Captain America helmet on Link and he’d look like John Walker lol

    43. DrakosDodeka

      Sour cream. Its like cream, but sour Link Neal 2021

    44. Michael Thomas

      Is hummus not a bean dip Rhett?

    45. jason t

      Link should stay away from sharp objects first he tries to hit chase with a dart now he is stabbing Rhett with tooth picks.

    46. SolaceDotExe

      I learned from this that the brand you call 'sabra' is called 'obela' where I live

    47. John Kersch

      I love when Rhett curses, to let us know, that he knows, that adults still watch this channel.

    48. Ultra Unity

      The climate reality project does a horrendous job what they are basically doing is getting you to Virtue signal for them to line their pockets what you want to do is go to like water cleanup it any kind of actual real environmentalism that didn't exist before they started going climate change and global warming you'll actually be able to effectively work on the earth and make it better the other s*** is literally a grift to line pockets

    49. Nina Davis

      "this tastes like a mistake"

    50. Disco Potato

      Wait what? Amazon sour cream?

    51. Stacy Cast


    52. Chris Bower

      Rhett: “Are you a Daisy fan? Link: “Yeah! I like the logo”

    53. Kathryn Peters

      Have they ever done a best chips and queso/salsa from a restaurant before?

    54. Kevin Keener

      Queso or Salsa.

    55. B B

      Day 123 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

    56. Sarah Khoury

      have you ever done a taste test to find the lactose-free or alternate ingredient option? I ask because I think Lactaid sour cream is just as good as regular if not better!

    57. Neil Flack

      “We live on the Earth.” Thank you Link.

    58. いつのまにか

      Sabra is an Israeli company that provides financial support to the Israeli military. Consider switching to Roots. They're based in Asheville and source many ingredients from west NC farms.

    59. Melissa Long

      Rhett & Link should lip read themselves from this video! 👍

    60. Brianna Jones

      They should do an episode of this but do store brand vs homemade with all the store versions and one made by the mythical kitchen ☺️

    61. PoppaJohn82

      On the Border salsa is the best!!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    62. Kennedy Williams

      If you have millions of viewers and this is what you give them, that's pathetic

    63. Wanmohan

      yoghurt and quark beats sour cream every single day

    64. bob bib

      can you do are rhett and link Kroger brainwashed

    65. Naiya Shah

      R&L: 'let's guess the branded product' Also R&L: *tastes the branded product* 'disqualified'

    66. Vitamin D

      lol squirting sour cream 🤭

    67. Rhett Austen

      Hey were are all the Rhett’s at?

    68. NachYO

      Could y’all do an episode on guessing popular chips.

    69. Cringy One

      I've been going through a really hard depression lately and having bad thoughts but good mythical morning had really been putting a smile on my face with wholesome Rhett and Link. You guys are there dad I didn't grow up with and I appreciate you guys so much right now. I'm passing through college and you guys are helping me keep up. :)

    70. Maria Sato

      God I miss American sour cream 😭

    71. Sapphiefox

      So wait, Link doesn’t like tomatoes but he will eat salsa?😂 I love how picky he is

    72. Chris o

      “Sour cream. It’s like cream...but sour”-link

    73. L Sleight


    74. ShitBirdGaming

      Link hates tomatoes but enjoys salsa. Whatever bros, Have a Nice Night!

    75. Daniel Smith

      If you want some of the best dairy products including sour cream, you have to go to the middle of the country. Anderson Erickson (AE) is a dairy in Des Moines, IA which produces 4 of my go to items, milk, yogurt, ice cream, and sour cream. I will buy Daisy if I can't get AE but head to head there's no contest. There also might be some small family dairies in Wisconsin, Minnesota, or even Cali that are better but I haven't found them.

    76. Owen Gladwell


    77. Victoria

      i love how every time rhett goes to grab a chip he goes (〜ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ)〜

    78. Connor Beacham

      I really like Walmart guacamole.

    79. SciFi Writer

      Double dipping is gross! I don't want to eat things with other people's spit in it! It's especially gross with all that's happening in the world right now.

    80. Bob King of Seagulls

      i wonder how much cheaper their shopping has gotten as they've found they like cheaper and cheaper brands.

    81. Kelly Barber

      Dont leave us again

    82. Jacob H.

      Has anyone else noticed that Rhett can't say "salsa?" He says "saus-ah."

    83. Maddy Orsatti

      The neck sass from Rhett at 11:16 😂😂

    84. Shantal Sanchez

      “Y’all need to blockade first street” 😭

    85. Alfa

      "Wow I really like that shirt!" *Goes to website and sees price* "You know what, I think the earth will be fine"

      1. broomstick.rachel

        Yeaaahhh I thought the same thing 😅 it’s such a cute shirt though

    86. MrAsMmMaR

      Always my favorite two faces to see on internet! ❤

    87. Heaven Green

      Bean dip👌🏾

    88. John Marston

      Try arsenic next

    89. Slick Gohan

      Next do a reaction to restate voters rap unit

    90. Gabe Logan

      I like the word play for each of their flags

    91. MyInitialsAreACE / Graphic Design & More!

      What was that thing that you put all of the plates on top of?

    92. TBanj

      13:20 did link just fart

    93. Jennifer Culliton

      too much soy

    94. Luke Buchan

      I'm liking Link's longish hair, anyone else?

    95. Midnight Beans


    96. Snow Dad

      New video idea will it nacho

    97. stecky87

      It's so on brand for Rhett to say something isn't good, the proceed to eat it anyways

    98. Hayden Macnab

      who even likes link? hes so picky on a food testing show!

    99. omg someone actually

      Person:"i wake up and watch home tutorials" Let me teach you the right way to start your day

    100. JustAWanderer

      4:50 I just keep watching this on repeat, and it never gets old. That had to hurt.