Frozen vs. Fast vs. Fancy Food Taste Test (Sushi)

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    Today, we're seeing if we can taste the frozen, fancy, or fast Japanese food! GMM # 1937
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    1. Sammytinboss

      When rhett says SHashimi for the whole video lmao :(

    2. ahh

      Do this with vegan sushi! ☺️

    3. BrokenGod Ent.

      this made me want food that I've never eaten

    4. LEGO Plus

      The idea Stevie doesn’t know calabash style is hilarious and I don’t know why.

    5. Mei Yolles

      Link is like becoming the new Gordon Ramsay lol

    6. Teeny Tiny Demon

      1:37 i saw that heh.

    7. Jason Ficcone

      Watched them dunk the sushi in the soy sauce mage me cry. Might as well dip it in a salt pile.

    8. Wayne Gilby

      Love the chalange but as a guessed I really would enjoy these if you not give the answer untell the end of rett and link make there guess

    9. Emily Con

      Watching link bob his head while Rhett sexy dances is hilarious 🤣

    10. Simon S

      Rhett, repeat after me "SA-shimi", lol.

    11. Simon S

      Title: Sushi taste test! First plate....gyoza...? Second plate....Tempura... Third...Sashimi....hmmm.. ya title needs work!

    12. thairob

      A sushi taste test with only one round having sushi.

    13. Ama Wayne

      In my state there’s a place called market of choice, and for a grocery store sushi it is pretty good and fresh, there’s a little station kitchen where people can see the sushi chefs making the sushi. It is the only grocery store sushi that I trust and they have vegetarian sushi for those that don’t like fish or are vegan or vegetarian

    14. John Huh

      Please please please can you not show the answers (countries) until announced? Thank you! Big fan.

    15. [ Slimeade ]

      Sushi is not supposed to taste or smell "fishy". That means it has gone bad. Unfortunately this is the case for most sushi found in the US

      1. Coz

        @[ Slimeade ] Even if I was that wouldn't change my point. Calling it bad is a straight-up lie if it will not actually harm you. It is just not fresh.

      2. [ Slimeade ]

        @Coz spoken like a true American

      3. Coz

        If it's safe to eat then it hasn't gone bad

    16. G Tep

      japanese company Ajinomoto has done do much to bring frozen gyoza to be actually good food

    17. Coen Watt

      Sashimi is my favourite sushi dish especially, tuna, salmon and kingfish I just love sushi in general and I generally go to a sushi train where they prepare everything right in front of you

    18. Grace taylor

      Link: "It's tastes fishy" yes Link, its fish

    19. Grace taylor

      sometimes I'm Link sometimes I'm Rhett and sometimes I'm the fan behind the couch

    20. Tim Clute

      Halfway through - no sushi yet

    21. JG Wentworth

      Day 40 of me trying to convince you guys to do a haribo taste test 😁

    22. hannah wetzel

      omg link didn't gag while eating sushi, i'm so proud! glad to see him liking it at least enough


      Sea sparasies?

    24. CJDev

      $60 for a plate of food that they didn't even bother to cook? SHEEEEEESH.

    25. Vitamin D

      supermarket sushi isnt that bad. Albertsons fujisan sushi 😋

    26. Baki Hanma

      Sushi? aint those dumpling?

    27. Sweet Ana

      Calabash is in NC

    28. Suppose Not

      goes to show u that how pricey something is can rlly influence ur perspective on it....i.e. if something is $60, u imagine it tastes better than something $10, even if it rlly doesnt

    29. Ché

      How do these two eat such a big variety of food but still have like no class / culture when it comes to eating it

    30. Alyssa Burkhalter

      I love sushi but I’m on keto so I just cooked but I still want sushi

    31. I like chicken nuggets

      imo, the only decent sushi you can get from a grocery store is like a California roll or something

    32. Thomas Shannon

      Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that Stevie is useless and somehow wormed her way into the show?

    33. Mark Priss

      This was bad man... Not how you should taste sushi really. "3 second rule" after 3 seconds of making the sushi (nigiri especially) it just doesn't taste the same... It's... just forget about it!

    34. Karl_Drogo55

      "IS GROCERIESWORESUSHI really as BAD as we think it is?"

    35. katelyn DH

      I would love to see a food invention competition where they each work with one of the kitchen members to come up with a new dish.

    36. Omegapork

      I love me some grocery store sushi. It's not good, but I like it.

    37. Rachael Cox

      South Carolinian's love to fry our seafood, and its G O O D

    38. Kelsey Bennett

      okay but has anyone ever had publix sushi...👀

    39. Treb

      If it smell fishy, it means it's not fresh, not that it is XD

    40. Jam

      Well to be fair Rhett chose sashimi that was actually sashimi xD If he hadnt they probably would've ended up with closer totals

    41. Stephanie Siam

      Just finished “The Lost Causes of Bleak Creek” - great read! Of course, I could only picture grown up Rhett and Link throughout the entire book. Y’all are uniquely singular! It’s amazing to read a book where the characters are based on real people that you actually “know”. Keep it up, guys!

    42. Elias

      I don't appreciate them promoting eating tuna, by including it in the video.

    43. kiwi


    44. Alexa Holmes

      I read this as Frozen vs Fast & Furious 😆 I was very intrigued

    45. Walnut Just Walnut

      Somebody get link some unagi!

    46. Spechelle Stockroske

      I didn’t have my phone for spring break and I can definitely say I missed Rhett and link the most outta everyone on HUfast

    47. Rman Nayr


    48. Rman Nayr


    49. Jamie Abel

      I want Rhett’s cactus sweatshirt

    50. Michael Hatcher

      I'm embarrassed for you that you think Calabash is in SC, and you grew up in NC.

    51. Chris Romero

      Sister got a giant snake like parasite from gas station sushi

    52. Smudolini the Great Dragobear

      Yeah no. Best internet cooking show is Binging with Babish. (not saying mythical kitchen is bad BTW. just not the best)

    53. Frannis1985

      I look forward to Rhetts jumpers.

    54. terra andrew

      they kept the tuna sashimi icon for the rainbow rolls!!!!

    55. Don’t Bother

      Store sushi is alright but it’s definitely just for when you’re craving sushi and that’s all you can do at the moment (it’s still good it’s just not as good as it could be)

    56. Jynx_916*

      There is a company that rolls fresh sushi for a few local grocery stores here in Sacramento, Ca and they are really really good for the price.

    57. Julia Alix

      I had no idea that Calabash wasn’t known in other parts of the country!! They have to try it!

    58. Ryan Beeton

      Why are the first two items in a sushi taste test Gyoza and Shrimp Tempura, which is not sushi at all... "Japanese" American sushi restaurants are that bad? It's like having pizza's in a pasta taste test.

    59. Jeff Homama

      Alright, when y'all gonna rank bologna?

    60. Miriam Vez

      Hace 10 años JAMÁS hubiese creído que Link accedería a hacer un vídeo como éste probando sushi xD desde el will it taco sushi o sushi pizza él siempre dijo que odiaba el sushi,

    61. NatWaddyDoDaDay

      If your family didn’t have a Fry Daddy, did you even grow up eating fried catfish and hush puppies in the 80s???

    62. circuswannabe

      I have seen California rolls and grocery store sushi but never in my life have I seen frozen sushi..

    63. Lingquan Li

      As an Asian, I personally love the Thai shrimp Gyoza from Trader Joe's, and the sushi from Gaint Food!

    64. Fusion Iron

      Costco/Sams sushi is decent and satisfying.

    65. Jailbreak

      Ay smiths sushi is pretty damn good just saying ( its made there not frozen )

    66. aphrodite Cora

      "it's not cooked so how do you know if it's cooked enough" - Link

    67. Moni B

      Please watch Seaspiracy on Netflix, it was eye opening. I'm afraid for the world we're leaving our children but hopefully now that I know a bit more I can help improve it a little. 💖

    68. Jayden Skoglund

      they forgot to change the picture for the rainbow rolls i think, oop-

    69. DMV Shoe Supply

      The courageous aquarius phenomenologically switch because cycle clinically turn barring a zonked select. agreeable, husky hurricane

    70. Myownviewpoint1

      I think the store bought has an advantage in this format. One big thing that separates the fancy places is freshness. By the time your staff has it delivered to the studio and it sits around for an hour or so until you film, it's lost a lot of it's freshness.

    71. bofa deeznutz

      I swear their breaks always seem forever.... I need some GMM!

    72. Elizabeth West

      I live near calabash and there is nothing but seafood restaurants there

    73. Jonathan Webster

      Nope. Calabash is here in NC!

    74. Sam Mikits

      This just made me crave gyoza 🤤

    75. handsom freddy

      Grocerie store sushi lowke slaps

    76. kikx A

      Them tempura looked sad 😔😔😔

    77. CampbellRocksAgain


    78. IMPanda Yolanda Parker Frazier

      rhetts face and then he says i do not like that last one lol

    79. Ethan Portes-Chaikin

      I just put down a half-finished strawberry shortcake ice cream bar to tell you that you should do a video rating all of the strawberry shortcake ice cream bars. all of them.....or most of them. however many. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    80. ShredHed77

      Calabash is in North Carolina Link. But it is on the border. Watching from Myrtle Beach South Carolina 🙂 I agree though Calabash is the best!

    81. Rentarousensei

      I don't blame them at all first round. Ajinomoto is like the Rolls Royce of frozen food.

    82. B B

      Day 116 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

    83. Mika Magnol

      TIME FOR A TOMATO TASTE TEST. Gotta compare several kinds of tomatoes so we don't have to.

    84. Corrado Somebroyo

      I want Rhetts shirt here

    85. Gina Productions

      I haven't watched you since 2018, and this is kinda nostalgic.

    86. Shimmel


    87. contradicsean

      Shows how little they know, def not subscribing

    88. Zee P

      Jeez Rhett, why can’t you pick up the fallen dumpling yourself?🙄

    89. anime0wolfs12

      The real test is afterwards in the bathroom.

    90. michael pytlik

      Its all just store bought just with prices

    91. RVN15

      sushi can be naked but censored

    92. Madame Coral Garden

      never wanna try frozen sushi

    93. NordicStorm

      Could you do an international cheese taste test? And use brunost (browncheese) from Norway??

    94. Kathryn Romola

      I’m from Calabash.. and it’s definitely in North Carolina

    95. Juan Motorsports

      For some reason you guys haven’t popped up in months. Had to search for it. Seems like a Libby channel hardcore now

    96. Edog

      Rhett kept saying shishimi😹

    97. Chang Lee

      No roe?

    98. Jack Thomas

      calabash is actually the first city into the north carolina coast going into Nc from Sc

    99. Alexsis

      Love how Rhett is like I doubled you up in price when literally 60 of his $80 price was just the sashimi round