International Dumplings Taste Test

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    Where in the world do these international dumplings come from? GMM # 1945
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    1. Mr Rad

      Missed opportunity to have a south melbourne dim sim

    2. Miguel

      Finally BRAZIL YEAAAAAAAAAAAH! THANK YOU GUYS! our Coxinha Rules!

    3. Clay3613

      Finally Link won!

    4. Mikey Anderson

      Is no one gonna say anything about links hair today?

    5. jants13

      You should not show the answers to the audience in the beginning of each eound, so we could play along.

    6. Rowan Wild

      their description of a dumpling makes me wonder if tamales are dumplings.

    7. Pedro Castellanos

      link just copied rhett

    8. xKiLLzZx1

      Can't remember Switzerland ever being on there ...

    9. Paula Loroff

      I love Station Eleven. It's one of my favourite books.

    10. Blake Wylie

      "Oh dat's a plum?" 🤣

    11. Galaxy

      amog us

    12. Brandon Haines

      That koshina looks soooo good

    13. Guto Proença

      Im from Brazil, in ours “coxinhas” we used to put ketchup and inside of this dumpling have “requeijao” that is kind of a cream cheese

    14. Pigeon

      Fruit dumplings? Dude, I have to make some with my family on the weekend.

    15. JaAK

      You should have tried some Jamaican dumplings with sweet gravy

    16. Robert Raabe

      Let it be known I made this comment like months ago so this was my idea. You’re welcome!

    17. dcoog anml

      "Get a load of this, Poland hole." That's a new sentence.

    18. GamerBear

      I always appreciate Finnish cuisine being represented.

    19. Adam Lewis

      I don't know if anyone else wants to see this, but I would love to see an international taste test episode where all the bullseyes have a hole poked in them and 3 have cameras. What would be best in my mind, would be Rhett not knowing where any are.

    20. Addison G

      Rhett got a zero when he hit Mexico way back. So they both have gotten a zero before.

      1. dcoog anml

        What happened to cotton candy randy?

    21. Sidharth Singh

      Need to learn how to make coxinha, send us that recipe mythical chef

    22. Sidharth Singh

      Im never had plum sauce... And I've been Indian all my life

    23. sehhi vooty

      How dare you not sing the International food taste test intro like how you've always done it..

    24. Jared Josar

      Eu amo coxinha :)

    25. ali s

      Y’all should’ve done momo for Nepal

    26. A G

      coxinhas!!!! soooooo gooood i love them so much

    27. Kero Kero

      Suomi prkl🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮

      1. sehhi vooty

        Happy I can watch yous again after I just finished basic training love you guys you make mornings great

    28. Aaron Fuschino

      You guys reallly need to do this so they dont get to see what the other guy goes for.. Link just copys rhett with everything aha

    29. Deborah Rubin Gonçalves

      YES! Finally, a Brazilian dish!!!!! Thank you BUT y'all ate the coxinha in the most sinful way.

    30. Cedgeemo

      oof the pronouciation of švestkové knedlíky (the czech dumplings) was way of, but its a hard a** language to pronounce so i dont blame her

    31. Craig Mitchell

      When Link looked into the Poland cam, Why did I expect him to be sprayed with some sort of predator urine haha

    32. Lyre Lee

      veripalttu is not dumplings??

    33. Erin True

      I really hope the hidden camera becomes an ongoing thing in these episodes 😂😂

    34. hdhejehwkaje

      Would've been funnier if there wasn't a camera there but they acted like there was

    35. jordanmeyer66

      What happened to cotton candy randy?

    36. Jordan Kanaylo

      Stevie completely butchered the Czech dish...

    37. Sara Sepulvida


    38. TelpinTV

      That bride mask was adorable tho

    39. Genoveve Gutierrez

      DWMP dwmp demkp

    40. Rachel Fewkes

      Rhett, Rhett, Rhett.... Finland doesn’t exist. Remember?

    41. Andrew Bauer

      Happy I can watch yous again after I just finished basic training love you guys you make mornings great

    42. Talllywhacker

      Ask Chase if he wants any of my little nephew's shirts.

    43. seeni gzty

      The “Rhett’s Camera” bit is my favorite part of GMM now because I always forget about it and it’s so over the top every time

    44. İrem Fırat

      Include Turkey for once. Please 🙏

    45. Alex Stava


      1. seeni gzty

        Looking forward to seeing some Caribbean dishes soon! We have very tasty dumplings! 🇹🇹

    46. Johanna S

      They're in Istanbul, (not Constantinople)

    47. Kelly Wisniewski

      Watching Link’s presbyopia kick in looking at Poland cam.. 😂😂😂😂😂

    48. DSM Gaming

      Rhett kinda won

    49. JeanThePants

      Station 11 was an excellent book

    50. Prajina Adhikari

      Yayy! Nepali 🇳🇵🇳🇵food finally 🥰 . I am so happy that you guys choose my home country delicacy. You guys made my day

    51. TheFallingFlamingo

      Link realizing how far behind he's just become "That's a change... To the score."

    52. DragoNoid29HD

      Where's the f*cking philippines?

    53. AnimeBabeXX

      The hidden camera 😂😂😂

    54. Wiktor Banach

      To nie jest prawdziwy barszcz. To jakieś popluczyny po barszczu. Kto to robił, Link :)

    55. MasterSubret

      Next dumplings episode, you all should have Momo. They are great!!!

    56. Candice Perry

      It is awesome to watch good mythical morning I like the will it videos

    57. Riad Rakan

      Make an arab version of this. Cuz all the arab cuisine are similar but every country has its own unique implementation of it. And if u are going to, put lebanon 😄

    58. Daniel Marett

      Germany during ww2 -> 9:30

    59. Zodiac System

      Like- does Rhett STUDY for these??

    60. Coco Bongo

      Hey, Im watching you from Poland pretty often ! :D

    61. Amy Rajkumar

      Looking forward to seeing some Caribbean dishes soon! We have very tasty dumplings! 🇹🇹

    62. Nicholas Kieler

      I feel like with how close they now are in skill they should do away with the cheat altogether so it doesn't just go back and forth each time.

      1. yasio bolo

        Is Josh still making all the international Taste test foods? This was a pretty stellar display! Wish he had at least gotten a shoutout if he couldn’t be there.

    63. Survival of the Funkiest

      Loser gets wrapped tightly in a blanket? I would want to lose

      1. yasio bolo

        So they missed Momo .

    64. Ms Ren

      That Czech pronunciation is horrid

    65. Drobeczech Drobkowitz

      Hello from czech republic.We like dumpling with fruit like plum, strawbery, blueberries and etc. With the we eat the sugar, melted butter and cream cheese.

    66. MayMuffin's 2.O

      am i the only one that said whoever made that barszcz, it ain’t right , it just not. r i g h t

    67. KWKosta

      The colour of that barszcz hurts my Polish soul.

    68. maddy ough

      Chase is having like his 6th glow-up

    69. Manu Hakala

      14:08 Over there

    70. Mr. J

      it never fails...Link takes the lead then blows it immensely the next throw lmao

    71. yasio bolo

      "Get a load of this, Poland hole." That's a new sentence.

    72. Fidel Guevara

      link is the definition of a himbo

    73. Hailyn Toedter

      link said “take a BIG dumpling on us!” like if you remember “take a dumpling on us 😂”

    74. Leandro Teleginski

      Brazilian cuisine is super underrated

    75. Food Treasure

      Yomari. This nepalese delicacy is Yummm mari. Love from Nepal

      1. Avi Chetri

        @yasio bolo Nepal is a notable country for dumplings.

      2. yasio bolo

        Still no former Yugoslavia countrys

    76. Vinod Singh

      So they missed Momo .

    77. Cynthia Smith

      Is Josh still making all the international Taste test foods? This was a pretty stellar display! Wish he had at least gotten a shoutout if he couldn’t be there.

    78. Kevin Heppner

      You must never stop making these international dart ep. Please make many many more.

    79. Vicky Tang

      link’s eyes are so beautiful

    80. Anissa Risper

      Can someone please tell me where chases shirt is from I love it so much

    81. Ethan

      I really want a food contest of the best where in the world foods compete against each other

    82. HOME, HELP & HEART

      Station Eleven is one of my favorite books ever! There are only two books in my entire life I ever read back to back and Station Eleven was one of them.

    83. Elaine Sant'anna

      Yes Rhett, coxinha is one of the best things in life. Brazil agrees with you~

    84. T_F_Weston

      Rhett is actually so good / randomly knowledgeable in this game every time.

      1. Preston Hong

        Seems like he eats an assload of food. But yes, it is impressive I agree.

    85. Rafał Poskrobko

      Pierogi/Uszka from Poland

    86. Vitor


    87. BoiHazzardable

      Rhett really knows his foods lol

    88. Raymond Siddiqi

      finally some unsponsored content

    89. Lumeloon

      Still no former Yugoslavia countrys

    90. stgm

      Why does Link keep saying Rhett has a camera in Poland?

    91. GFEAST

      Rhett seriously mentions the apocalypse in almost every episode

    92. SalmanU

      Didn't rhett get 0 on the international candy episode

    93. brodamerons

      i’m rooting for link because he is easily the underdog every time they play this game LOL

    94. Mr Brady


    95. Nishchal Rijal

      It's good to finally see a very unique food from Nepal in one these international taste tests after all these years... Thank you GMM!!!

    96. Danteus Maverick

      As a certified polak, I agree, Poland cam is the right quality.

    97. Martha200310 Szczepanski

      It’s a great day to be polish

    98. Particlepants

      I've had plenty of indian food and I never had plum sauce with indian food...

    99. Lennoxrenol

      “And like you have 1 (won)” God I love Chase 😂