International Fried Foods Taste Test

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    Where in the world do these international fried foods come from? GMM # 1925
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    1. Jamie Smith

      what i find funny is that rhett has gotten a bullseye

    2. carlos victor

      It’s clear that Rhett knows some of the answers before they play. That first round he said nothing hinting towards Scotland being his pick but he was so sure of Scotland when he went to throw

    3. Melissa Bahri

      I’ve thought of this good challenge for you guys best pizza place your guys opinion

    4. Ryan Dubois

      Worcestershire sauce is from Worcestershire England, so of course that first one is from the UK!

    5. Ryan Dubois

      Chase is SpongeBob in this one!

    6. JaAK

      You should have had Deep Fried Mars Bar for the Scottish Dish, that is 25x more popular in Scotland. We deep fry anything, like.

    7. Justin

      For the first time I recognised something! Jelabi is also enjoyed here in Trinidad and in Guyana.... Which are right next to Venezuela!!!

    8. Darkos Venicci

      Gosh would have thought link learned not to just copy answers anymore.

    9. Candoğan Özkan

      Anything that’s deep fried can be from Scotland


      Lol Romania is not a cold country

    11. Baldo

      A wee half pizza crunch never goes a miss 👍

    12. Darren D

      Was surprised to see my country Ireland on here😅🇮🇪

    13. yvan dela peña

      Everytime you guys playing this game I always wanted to see something from Philippines 💗

    14. Maria Salinas

      Rhett is a good problem solver!! He connects the dots very well

    15. Andreea Ioanas

      As a Romanian and huge fan of GMM, I'm so happy that they included Romania in one of their videos! I'm glad you love the papanasi! I hope we see more of Romania in future videos!

    16. John Gonzalez

      I remember working at a factory where 90% of people working there were Punjabi and on every occasion they brought those Jalebi things. they were so delicious

    17. Doutor Gori

      Since when Pizza is an American thing?

    18. Kristien Anniverse

      7:21 Oops, even the knife can't stand for it.

    19. SakeNominai

      Link thought it was worcestershire sauce yet decided to throw it at South America? Very confusing logic.

    20. 2021-Sydney Young

      does anyone know what the last one was?

    21. Kayli Francisco

      I need a frozen garlic bread taste test and it must include Kroger.

    22. Quittlaughing

      The way knife got unstuck from the doughnut has me ded😭

    23. Aaron Eamer

      Deep fried pizza is definitely not COMMON in Scotland.

    24. Emma musicatso

      They should have a version of this game where Josh makes a food that SEEMS like it could’ve come from somewhere on the map, and they have to guess if it’s an actual food, and if so where it’s from

    25. I Dont Use This Channel Anymore

      How did you not have beaver tails on here from Canada D:

    26. Ben Conrod

      You should do a salami taste test

    27. fallinfast98

      “I love my neeeewwww glassesss” Lol

    28. Cookie581

      I went to Scotland and they had fried mars bars so I guess they deep fry everything 🤷‍♀️😂😂

    29. Christian O'Duinn

      Finally, they did Ireland :))

    30. Josh Scott

      Missed opportunity, shoulda Said "a mall cop, also known as a Paul Blart"

    31. SeRgEaNt RaNdOm

      Link be like: This dipping sauce seems to be similar to Worcestershire sauce, definitely not Scotland, the only country on the board that's part of the UK, it HAS to be South American

    32. Emma Larabee

      Rhett wearing those glasses is the most entertaining thing ever 😂😂

    33. pokelol97

      ireland was not on the board????????????

    34. TheAnnaShowUk

      Me just now watching this: ooh that looks good, oooh very tasty sounding, OMG THATS JELIBI! I NEED JELIBI NOOWWWWWW!”

    35. the comedy of life


    36. Simona Mavashev

      “Where in the world is superwoman toda-ay”

    37. Paul Fantôme

      as someone from scotland.... you should know we deep fry everything here

      1. Reggie

        Nah that’s what everyone’s interpretation of America is

    38. Paul Fantôme

      oh man i love a pizza crunch! SCOTLAAAAAAAAAAAAAND

    39. Jonatan Eriksson

      and as always rhett always guess the right one😅

    40. Terry D-Town

      Anyone curious about how Carlos’ new life is going?

    41. Brett_Kendrick

      They always put the mystery country in the middle of the board

    42. baguetti spaghetti

      I cant believe that they mentioned New Zealand! People Never do that, not to mention they called us nice!!! Ur amazing rhett and link!

    43. Haider Hat-Hat

      12:22 I love that . But I’m not from India

    44. DOM Y

      Picarones (fried sweet potato doughnuts) from Peru :P

    45. Cillian Zimmerman(ST)

      NGL I have been watching you guys for the past 7 years Bun I forgot about you over quarenteen

    46. Tinypanda

      try more Philippine food... besides kwek kwek! we dip it into anything sweet, sour, vinigary, spicy

    47. randallracer

      Havent seen you guys in a while. I miss you.

    48. Aisha M

      I was so curious to know is Stevie would pronounce julaibi correctly. She didn’t 😂

    49. Abby Flaherty


    50. Cooper Moore

      I swear link always goes to South America

    51. DerkDotTV

      I just got the "Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego" reference XD

    52. Raudulf

      Have we done US Regional Burgers yet? George Motz kinda stuff.

    53. Nea Neaster

      Link is a little bit of a sore loser! lol 😂

    54. adam kane

      Ngl that spice bag hurt my eyes being from dublin ...

    55. Jordan C

      what is that dudes shirt that measures the distance

      1. vinxie

        uwu ;-;

    56. Pesky Media

      They give Link steak fries to taste the sauce & he uses his nasty finger- WOW...what an a-hole

    57. Diamond Cutter

      Just for the record... Rhett is winning the International Dart Game series 25-10!

    58. carlos victor

      Stevie, “definitely most strongly” is a bit redundant 😂

    59. Dukeljk

      Grass Feed beef? Gross.

    60. Mandeep Rai

      Rhett and link need to sue geoguesser

    61. Leto Vesic

      Those glasses should not exist.

    62. Harrison Horaney

      you both thought of testicle before you even considered egg

    63. Rman Nayr


    64. Rman Nayr


    65. Hassane Hamzaoui

      Make the moroccan map whole again ! 🇲🇦

    66. pipo declown

      ''It's cold in Romania'' You do realise Romania is on the same latitude as Spain and Italy, right?

    67. Dylan Cloud

      Everything they reviewed is at the state fair 🤣🤣😂😂

    68. Rachel Dennison

      My Bhutanese friends made me fried hard boiled eggs but they definitely weren’t bland. Soooo good!

    69. Nicholas Becker

      Ret and link you should try the Oreo mug it’s just basically 4 Oreo and milk in the mug

    70. Naimullah Erywan

      as a bruneian i loved how he wanted brunei on the map , since not alot of people know about our country

    71. NewEnglandMixes

      This is definitely my favorite segment of theirs

    72. FOX MOTH


    73. AmpEdition

      I won't buy butcher box because they butcher my wallet 😎

    74. King KhiL

      I was expecting to see Picarones from Peru, soooo bomb 🤤🤤🤤🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪

    75. Karan's Cuisine

      Stevie butchered the Indian part so bad ngl

    76. Minato Arisato

      Now I want to try some of these fried foods!!

    77. vishwa patel

      Jalebi 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 ❤️❤️❤️my fav

    78. hamsterduh

      After that fried pizza...the Scottish just became more attractive

    79. Top Hat [Porkypy]

      That's not kwek-kwek. Kwek-kwek is made with quail eggs, and that's a chicken egg. What you ate is tokneneng.

    80. Jackey Chen

      The tall bee only stuff because shoe timely concentrate notwithstanding a rough gas. curved, synonymous patch

    81. Shannon Heinig

      How did they now know jelabi!?

    82. brofenix

      @16:36 lol Link :D That was pretty funny ^^ YOU GOT THIS!

    83. Keiran Rooker

      That pizza is a calzone

    84. Rhea Swim

      But Link uses his cheats because he never wins, you always win, so now you get to win again, and cheat. Nice. Reeeeeeaalllll nice. ugh

    85. riley grace

      i’ve had jalebi and it’s so good!! i miss it

    86. Zarry Doskiy

      Zalabia is famous all around Middle East especially in Ramadan😍

    87. Nowsin Tanzim

      Jilapi khabo🙄

    88. NordicStorm

      Could you do an international cheese taste test? And use brunost (browncheese) from Norway??

    89. Lyndsay Swart

      Fried pizza is one of our best accomplishments 😂😂. No it dosent come sliced. And we have it with the pinnacle of chips that are chippy chips!

    90. Viking Entertainment

      Hey guys! I dont see a video for best frozen pie. Yall should do one 😁

    91. Sadie Koehler

      Your vocal fry sounded like Bill Clinton..

    92. Lynn

      Loving Rhett's look with those glasses!

    93. DIY&TechRomania


    94. Mikaylar KO

      Erm... Worcestershire-style sauce taste Link: South America LMAO

    95. ItsOnlyJoey

      Link: **hits the Bahamas** Link: I hit the florriddaaaa keyyyyyssss

      1. eklectiktoni

        Lol, I noticed that too!

    96. knots nchains

      still love this shirt Rhett

      1. knots nchains

        reminds me of the seat's fabric from my dad's buick

    97. Kayleigh Collins

      Pizza crunch forever my favourite thing from the chippy

    98. August Oltean

      It's cold in Romania until we get 35C in the summer lmao

    99. Alin Cozac

      Romanasii waiiiii

    100. T Morning

      Whatever happened to Chunk???