Is Anything Better Than Ranch On Wings? (Taste Test)

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    Today, we're seeing what the NEXT BEST dipping sauce is for chicken wings. GMM # 1922
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    1. Isaac S

      Fluffalo wings

    2. Darrin Sanderson

      The caramel does look bangin tho

    3. kmuddy5

      Shoulda done regular cream cheese and garlic hummus instead

    4. Andrew Bryans

      Peanut butter sauce for the win.

    5. payton richelle

      Did anyone else use to dip McNuggets into the Carmel dip when you were younger???? Just me ? Ha okay

    6. Amanda Pollock


    7. Josh Charron

      bdubs in my area has had salted caramel wings for almost 2 years now 😂

    8. Marshall Hoben

      Up good😍

    9. hueey holiday

      haha I use to do this at domino's pizza the chicken bites and the caramel dip its pretty good

    10. Gabriel Young

      fluffalo wings

    11. NotaNurse

      I am so sad that Nicole didn’t announce them as Fluffalo Wings.

    12. IsabelleMae

      “CAR-MEL” ❤️

    13. Nytro 92


    14. Seth Pettengill

      It's always been proteins and milk chocolate!

    15. Outrage Quitter

      That would be a fluffalo wing

    16. Itz_Ben

      Is it bussing, boys

    17. Electronauticon

      I was hoping salted caramel would win cause I LOVE it

    18. niya Niya


    19. Pesky Media

      Rhetts opinion seems genuine. Link is trying too hard to appear to be intelligent...a lost effort

    20. Kaleb Collins

      "Will it Salad?" Where you try weird things to replace Caesar dressing on caesar salad

    21. Lorelle Swift

      “Buff &Fluff”

    22. baylee ewing

      Considering Chicken and Waffles (w/ syrup) are a thing where I come from, I’m not surprised wings and caramel went well together!

    23. Josh Hulett

      I love A-1 so much I’ll dip my Buffalo wings in it sometimes. If you love these two things try it sometime.

    24. Mysterious Mystery

      Haaaawwwww so cute ♥ ♥ 😂 😂 😂

    25. FrostRealm

      Ranch is nasty so almost everything is

    26. JAEK

      R&L Advocating for mental health is awesome even if better health is a sponsor

    27. Luke Richardson

      That’s a C major

    28. Nicole Sublime

      Where’s josh?? usually he has some insight on these things lol

    29. coralmisch3if

      👉 😀 “ hahahahahahaha.”

    30. Anakin Skywalker

      Link describes it perfectly "Brunch gravy"

    31. Kalia Atwell

      The best dipping sauce for McDonald’s nuggets is honey. You can’t change my mind.

    32. Codie Smith

      Uncle Joey would be upset if he saw this.

    33. Eggy Febrianto

      try famous indonesian dish

    34. Jess Colquitt

      Y’all could’ve called it the marshmallow fluffalo wing

    35. AmaliaSings

      How did you not call it a Fluffalo wing??

    36. Ryan Coble

      Caramel + Chicken = Syrup on Chicken and waffles sooooo not sooooo new

    37. Ryan Jenks

      nacho cheese is good on wings

    38. Kenzie Gergen

      6:02-6:07 lmaoooo

    39. Sawyer Brady

      Salted caramel is the new sweet and sour

    40. Ashlee Byers

      Wait. Have you guys never been to “Sticky’s” in New York? These things are not new lololol but hey, I’m happy you enjoy it!

      1. Ashlee Byers

        At least the salted caramel lol

    41. Joe Marinaro

      Shoulda done nacho cheese.

    42. Liz Joy

      What about nacho cheese sauce? :O

    43. Cadence Plinsky

      Watch this at 0.5 speed. Thank me later

    44. Kathryn Bell

      Can it please be the buff-nutter? That’s all I’m asking.

    45. DigitalHarmony

      It’s obviously called a Fluffalo wing.

    46. Kendria Price

      Rhett and Link should go on The Masked Singer as a duo!!!

    47. sean raw

      When is the mythical restaurant chain coming!!!

    48. Jaded Kate

      Soooo... cocktail sauce won ? Maybe we need to do this test in Belgium. We probably invent a new sauce every other Tuesday. Even the dutch tried to get in on the sauce action by producing Joppie sauce based on the sauces they ate across the border. Just sayin' ... 🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. Russell

        Vodka sauce, not cocktail

    49. Cris

      I've never had hummus and chicken. Now I want

    50. RoseisoutofherTOGA

      Note to Nicole: Your piano teacher was a monster and I’m so sorry.

    51. Kyle Havens

      My vote still goes to bbq sauce

    52. Nelson Ortez

      Is anything better than milk with cookies?

    53. ノヽreya

      In my country caramel chicken is a thing😂😂

    54. Misshowzat

      When they said they'd told the staff to go crazy I thought for sure something spicy or a vegemite/cheesymite dip was going to be there

    55. Rixelisation


    56. Aeta Capella

      Is it just me, or is Link extra weird in this episode?

    57. A P

      Ranch dressing on chicken wings is the equivalent of ketchup on steak

    58. Cider Fan

      What about Fluffalo for the buffalo+ marshmallow fluff?

    59. DerKnarsen

      Best thing with chicken is applesauce. Everything else is just food

    60. dev deque

      For a real sauce that is an alternative to the salted caramel, try honey chipotle. Fairly common sauce. It has a similar consistency. It is dark and more syrup-like than say ranch. Very good. Though, for bone-in wings, you should only get handmade bluecheese. Boneless, its a free for all.

    61. Gavin Loeper

      fluff n’buff

    62. Teriyakimeatpopsicle

      Talk about something completely vile, that's be hummus. Hummus is disgusting.

    63. joebob2311

      They had salmon cream cheese and vanilla frosting. HOW DID THEY NOT TRY CREAM CHEESE FROSTING

    64. Earl Wagner

      I like to dip my wings in sweet chili sauce! Give it a try 😋

    65. Grayson Workman

      They should've called the marshmallow fluff combo a flufferbuffer

    66. funnelcakesrule

      Fluffalo Wings

    67. Coen Watt

      Buffalo wing plus marshmallow fluff equals fluffalo wing

    68. amcalonan303

      Someone needs to tell me where I can buy the same shirt as Rhett. Cool af.

    69. The soy is milk

      *in response to the title* Yes a really good book

    70. Brittany Conner

      I feel like they should’ve done some sour cream or some French dip🤷‍♀️

    71. cheapuber

      I’ve tried the caramel before. Because at Buffalo Wild Wings I get cheese curds and caramel. So I tried it on my wings.

    72. a Moth • 13 years ago

      Why does it always zoom in when links taking a bite

    73. Raven Zombie

      It's not buffnutter, it's fluffalo

    74. Kurt Cocaine

      Got it... Butter H-E-L-P I got worried with the spelling of 'help', *phew*

    75. i_shahidris

      Can you do a ‘will it s’mores?’ Substitute the chocolate with things like jam, cheese spread, tuna etc

      1. Leaf Atlas

        Peanut butter smores would win

      2. Butts McGee

        tuna smores is horrifying, I hope they do it

    76. Nozz ikk

      i have had salted caramel chicken wings, and they were one of the best wings I have ever had I have also had ones that were called Cinnamon bun, I was not expecting those to be as good as they were

    77. Khalid Barakat

      Dude I dip chicken in Hummus all the time.

    78. Lilwolfie J

      This just food theory

    79. Eryn Bradley

      It's the promoting Better Help for me

    80. Jessica Moralez

      What brand chicken wings did you use?

    81. Yuppi

      I could imagine hollandaise is good but takes away from the wing itself and feels like it's just trying to rob the show instead of elevating the experience.

    82. Bozeema

      I was expecting peanut Satay sauce to be one of the options...

    83. Sydney Frazier

      you missed a great opportunity to say fluffalo wing

    84. Raisin Brandt

      people act like putting caramel on something once is gonna give you diabetes

    85. Erika Richards

      The absorbing burglar repressingly cycle because verse spontaneously itch atop a finicky pizza. aspiring, wiry hose

    86. roze S

      They have the best job ever

    87. Captain Planet

      Ugh how did yall miss fluffalo wings lol?

    88. kaleigh Keith

      Marshmallow fluff and Buffalo wings... fluffalo... you missed the chance.

    89. Steven Tarsitano

      Cream cheese would be an okay substitute I feel like. But that's not what this show is about.

    90. Banidil

      Well, we gott sorta expect some issues when we're pampered with automated captions lol. Remember, large portions of society would love basic subtitles in daily life but ASL isnt taught as a basic skill

    91. Julia LaMontagne.

      This show has gotten me through more than you know. Thank you.

    92. Rene Guzman

      Please don't go to better help, if you are in a dark place please seek a real, LICENSED therapist.

    93. vargen1414

      BBQ Sauce is good with Dino nuggets

    94. vargen1414

      I like dino nuggies

    95. Hi welcome to Chili's

      Bleu cheese is better. Period

    96. Michaela Robinson

      Marshmallow Fluff + Buffalo Wings = Fluffalo Wings

    97. Dustin Hoover

      A1 sauce is where it's at. Mixed with buffalo sauce. Try it if you see this comment. Also how did they miss the chance to say fluffalo wings when trying the marshmallow fluff.

    98. Jorden Evanyshyn

      Fluffalo wings

    99. logan kerr

      the title is misleading. you should say Buffalo Wings instead of just "wings"

    100. John Lochmann

      Gentleman, where oh where are our dinks and sinks?