Microwaving Things 100 Times (Experiment)

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    Today, we're seeing what happens when you microwave things up to 100 times. GMM # 1941
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    1. Samuel Foshay

      the microwave technician is very entertaining.

    2. krazeekalvin

      Kangaroo nut sack coin purse

    3. Vic

      "I recommend a gloved finger" - Link Neal 2021


      I eat Costco bags of gummy bears I know Rhett on that one

    5. MIgardener

      Johnathan and jorey. Literally the best show on HUfast (besides GMM).

    6. Janet Hilton

      I really want to eat that apple they had...

    7. Dustin Sinnett

      No tinfoil shielding? No ventilation? Clearly not microwaving professionals yet

    8. cartoon alien

      I really really really wanna see y’all nuke the slim Jim 😂

    9. TheNativeGamer 5

      Link yelling at a chair made my day😂😂 14:27

    10. Nick Klapperich

      is it a good idea to microwave this?

    11. Tic Toc

      Link looks like a mad scientist.

    12. joebob2311

      Close your eyes at 10:42

    13. Steve Mullins

      Alright, who gave Link a sharp object?

    14. Noah Emerson

      I’m not sure if this has been said yet but while watching the video, you can clearly see each item in the microwave while they are guessing what is in the microwave. If they would have simply turned around, they would have been able to guess correctly every time

    15. Chris Platz

      Bring back the original intro

    16. Rman Nayr

      IT LOOKS RADIOACTIVE!!!!!!!!!!

    17. Rman Nayr

      WE MICROWAVED THESE THINGS 100 TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. Crystal Newman


    19. Cheryl Berg

      ha ha @ cue grumpy dad montage

    20. Hannah Parham

      imagine having to continuously sit there and wait every minute to press 1 one more time, and another time, and another time.

    21. k1773ns

      They should have tried to guess how many microwaves each item could withstand!

    22. iFNhU

      If you never heard of staring at the microwave will make you go blind then maybe you need to read more. Js

    23. Lia Zabala

      Rhett is that a mullet?

    24. Murp

      Why are we getting sharp items to link again

    25. Michelle Fenush

      'I don't like cake' WHUT?! 😮

    26. sophiegeek1

      I need more conspiracy theories Rhett in my life.

    27. The Bed Doctor

      The great apples vs oranges debate. Your for apples , I'm for apples. remember that one was so funny

    28. Gamaray Films

      Do they know that cup of noodles isn’t supposed to be microwaved? It’s on the top of the lid.

    29. Jadyn Feltch

      Rhett: “You shouldn’t put sharp objects near my pinky” Link: “I know, but when I do....”

    30. Zahid Dossa

      They bigged up the of microwave guys! @jogwheel

    31. Dreaded Kitty

      Great one

    32. irThumper

      Link: "I recommend a gloved finger." Turn your head and cough.... lol.

    33. Jackatire01

      2 Grown men; Lets see what happens when we microwave something 100 times.... Me: I love these fools.

    34. Lenny wants pizza

      why are we still letting link near sharp objects

    35. Nicole Buckley

      Rhett: " Giant gummy bear". Link: " that is a big puppy". Rhett: Not a puppy, it's a bear". LOL

    36. Larcha de Newt

      12:49 I did the same Link 😟

    37. art decade


      1. art decade


    38. XpetraXpazlX

      Its not safe to microwave cup noodles btw. & its because of the styrofoam.

    39. James. T Russworm

      700 watt?? WEAK

    40. mathyno

      welcome to is it a good idea to micowave that

    41. Douglas Meyers

      Should of just put stuff in the microwave for 2hrs or something like that all at once lol save time!

    42. WALZ97

      What a throwback!!! IS IT A GOOD IDEA TO MICROWAVE THIS?? Aaaaa memories unlocked

    43. ycoih mn63

      "What made you feel like you had to stop this one?" "The hotness (...) like steaming the inside of it" .... What did you expect? Isn't that the whole concept that you go as far as possible?

    44. Brian Llavan

      Link should just not have sharp objects. period.

    45. Samantha F


    46. westcoast1457

      Wish they actually microwaved something 100 times.

    47. Veloxx

      the way link yelled at the chair made my day LMAO

    48. Midwest Monstaz

      I watched this at 100x speed. I don’t know what’s going on.

    49. samantha Kennedy

      Now you have a american flag bear or france flag sticking on a microwave plate

    50. Max Hudson

      "and now we're comparing apples" *visible confusion by Link Neal III* "to oranges." lmao i love these little moments

    51. Brio Brio

      Imagine explaining to someone that your job today was to microwave stuff...

    52. Jennifer Hudson

      You guys they're 17 million of us watching two 40+ married men with kids microwave stuff multiple times. 💀💀 Just let that sink in 💀💀

    53. Kaleb Crumrine

      Can someone please tell me what little instrument that is!? Please!

    54. tommmiin

      Remember, nobody likes roasted nuts

    55. Baby i could neverr

      i’m getting munchies

    56. Layla Kirkpatrick

      How do we know that it was actually done 100 times when there are multiple jump cuts??...sus 🤔

    57. Joshua Miller

      13:25 Rhett's face of pure content when he bit that gummy just gets me

    58. Brian Lowrey

      I don't get motion sickness, but geeze, the new intro really makes me feel like almost queasy

    59. Háji Aurélio

      Who else is mildly infuriated that nothing was actually microwaved 100 times?

    60. Marty D

      Link looks like a mad scientist!

    61. iAteTheRamen

      Love that y'all gave props to the "Is It a Good Idea to Microwave This?" fellows! This episode definitely made me think of them.

    62. Sack Head

      How are you still doing this. Are you sure it's still enjoyable.

    63. verdatum

      I understand that Rhett is making a statement with that hair. And in principle, I support that. But viscerally...that hair makes me feel bad. I'm sorry. I wish it didn't. It does.

    64. Shannon Smit

      14:28 😂😂😂 I rewatched this so many times

    65. CoLD_CHiMP

      btw, pyrex breaks at 42 degrees Fahrenheit due to thermal shock

    66. BigTrev

      Watching this while microwaving popcorn

    67. ToryLinn Gryffindor HG

      Rhett has the perfect face for a handlebar mustache

    68. Rennis Tora

      Awww, Link hitting me in my nostalgia with a Microwave This callback.

    69. Rob B

      "We microwaved these things 100 times!" Lucas: No. No, we did not.

    70. MsGinger V

      Rhett's hair is lookin FRESH!

    71. jwoody

      Don't tell Rhett's achy breaky heart!

    72. James Daniel Juste

      Remember when Rhett and Link introduced "is it a good idea to microwave this?" That show from years ago? Anyone remember??

    73. David Pearce

      @ThatUmbrellaGuy Link - Goood Times !!! 16:18 TUG ?

    74. Carlos Vasquez

      Im just making the connection that Link and Paul Rudd have such similar energies


      i just dont like using them

    76. Massacre


    77. Spencer Richmond

      Idk why but when I watch their videos I feel like I’m sitting there with them

    78. Rick Hunter

      Is it a good idea to microwave this?

    79. Secret

      only one thing got microwaved 100 times :(

    80. jman415

      David's Macrowave XD

    81. jman415

      *"cue dad grunting montage"* xD

    82. Renne Virtanen

      That apples vs oranges reminded me of the one time Rhett and Link were debating for apples and oranges😂 "I am for oranges"

    83. Hoodieriejo

      Try this at home, got it.

    84. RadenWA

      I love how they both have grown into looking like mad scientists in their own way

    85. Ryan Lew94

      Why the microwave change half way through?

    86. Armando Soriano

      I have the same microwave they have in between them

    87. Super Starched

      This episode smacked me upside the head and had me fondly remembering the times I religiously watched and binge-re-watched all of the episodes of "Is It A good Idea To Microwave This?" during the summers. If you wanna do some time-traveling, I would recommend looking it up on YT because it feels like a classic at this point. I just looked it up again and realized the show is nearly old enough to drive.

    88. Medieval._

      the look on Rhetts face after he ate the gummy bears ear is the purest thing on this website.

    89. Ethan Homeyer

      How many microwaves do they go through? Lol

    90. Athen 0mega

      considering they didn't microwave 100 times for all the items. This would have taken around 18 hours to microwave

    91. Danny rph

      Suu HUUUUU per misleading title...

    92. YouTube Vanced

      Everything he said in the beginning is a sign your microwave is leaking way too much.

    93. MicrowaveableSalad

      Plot twist: The real experiment was on the microwave

    94. Kevin Choi

      a magnificent bastard once said, "microwaves are for boomers"

    95. Moses Boshell

      wheres the c4

    96. Cristian Paz

      i love this show

    97. Paco Sinbag

      This must be the best job for EVERYONE that works there , I would burn my Roman noodles to work for them!🤣

    98. Thomas Mendez


    99. PixelFoundry

      No new intro? Holy shi- I'm shocked!

    100. Let'sArt

      It's kind of funny that Rhett said "then you need to read more conspiracy theories about microwaves, because that's not one of them that I've heard of," because the fact that he hadn't heard of it and Link had actually suggests that Rhett should read more conspiracy theories about microwaves