Playing Weird TikTok Games

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    Today, we're playing some weird TikTok games with Stevie and Chase. GMM # 1928
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    1. MagglyPuff

      How many people realised they fancied Chase here?

    2. Naruto Uzumaki

      Stevie is pretty cute ngl

    3. Jamie Gurd

      13:53 Looking like a vault hunters baggage handler.

    4. Ruv i guess

      stevie came prepared

    5. H Hh

      Stevie is the best!!

    6. Joshua Berry

      5:03 who farted ?

    7. moss

      It hurt my heart when I noticed Stevie hurt her ankle at some point, but it was also wholesome how happy she was

    8. Hodd Toward

      Obligatory tiktok bad comment

    9. andreas douss

      Bro after 2 years am here

    10. Catflip

      I’m still so worried yet curious about what they would’ve done with three baguettes and one human body

    11. Thee Hopstar

      That puzzle girl at the end is still in 2020?

    12. berna cryingcinnamonpie

      Stevie is so cute and cool a the same time. Idk why but she gives me Avril Lavigne vibes

    13. Dan Evertt

      Clamato juice is used in variations of bloody Mary’s.......called Bloody Caesar

    14. Jonas Nielsen

      Bruh She Know xD

    15. beans

      i feel so bad for link's glasses they just took that cheese pie

    16. omegasage

      Okay, considering Link is 6 foot and Rhett is taller than 6 foot...Stevie is REALLY TALL. Tall queen

    17. Grey Price

      Stevie looks like captain America with the ketchup on her face 😂

    18. Brad Stidem

      i love momma stevie

    19. Ryan Bitschkat

      Was so hoping stevie lost

    20. Rose Elaine

      are we all just falling in love with stevie all the time? or is that just me?

    21. Brad V.

      I always wondered how stevie looked. Stevie be mine, I love her peppy personality

    22. John Meighan

      Did Stevie twist her ankle?

    23. Kaelyn

      Stevie is 5’8 and still looks tiny next to Rhett and Link. I AM 5’3 so I can’t imagine how these giants would look next to me lol. Also Stevie is so beautiful UGH I AM JEALOUS!!


      They should have swapped stevie with someone else, man she kept complaining. Bring us nicole or Josh or SOMEONE else!

    25. destrojer124

      How old is Stevey?

    26. Sheepdog Outdoors

      Chase did it cause he had to

    27. Lakayla

      Lol now we understand the ketchup shortage 😂

    28. natas51 David rose

      I hope stevies ankle is ok you could see in that one game she hurt it

    29. Blubb

      I think I love stevie

      1. Blubb

        Damn. Or maybe Chase😂

    30. Omar Sheikh

      Wanted to see Stevie 😉 if she wore a 5th shirt

    31. Gabriel Roberts

      Wtf is this video

    32. Dxni frxno

      14:19 if ykyk 😐

    33. Anne Brechtel

      Chase is such a good looking cutie 🥰

    34. Philip Lopez

      I know I'm not the only guy wishing Stevie would lose this one all the way lol

    35. Archie dog

      The moment you realize GMM made family friendly strip beer pong

    36. Paul Meranda

      god, Chase's hair looks so good

    37. Erik Nelson

      Why does Rhett look like joeseph seed when he’s shirtless

    38. NordicStorm

      Could you do an international cheese taste test? And use brunost (browncheese) from Norway??

    39. Audrey B

      stevie is just SO FINE for WHAT

    40. peanut man

      Never thought I'd see link in his drawls 😂

    41. iAndrew C

      I love when Stevie gets to be more involved in an episode! The chemistry between her, and the rest of the cast is perfect. R&L really struck gold when they hired her.

    42. Marianna P

      The title said nothing about getting naked. But since you guys are, that's a plus🤣🤣🤣

    43. captnmaim

      I didn’t realize chase was a hobbit

    44. blackshirts848

      Stevie kinda whiney

    45. wasi ahmed

      well, this was a weird episode

    46. awy1977

      Stevie leaned WAY too far over the edge of the table before the cheez whiz pie!

    47. Targatheory

      Stevie cheated

    48. Paige Holbrook

      rhett is still a little boy

    49. Paige Holbrook

      i always forget how tall they are

    50. Matthew Johnson

      Put stevie on camera way more often

    51. Ricardo Koopman

      Follow me on TikTok rnb_all_day_everyday

    52. Tell me your worries. Caz am listening.

      Stevie is your leg ok???

    53. Gamer gore

      Oh thats stevie? Shes so beautiful lets talk about that. Lol

    54. Uncle Waldo

      great video :D

    55. BrookLynn

      Tik tok. no ty

    56. Kade

      stevie is such a mom friend i love her

    57. Stack E. Stackerson

      I love Stevie... “That was fun”

    58. Stack E. Stackerson

      @11:40 welcome to the casting catch guys, what brings you here?

    59. Allysa Read

      I didn’t know chase was such a little guy til today. He never gave me short vibes

      1. omegasage

        @TimTam Nah, Stevie is tall if Chase is average

      2. TimTam

        actually, chase is pretty average i believe. rhett and link are both super tall. stevie is also quite average in height.

    60. RainyDayWeather

      Stevie is not made to be on camera

    61. Starling

      chase is adorable

    62. Zodiark 420

      This was far to funny. great video

    63. Drennin

      Stevie is such a sweetheart lol. She's just gentle, kind, and worried about everyone's well-being lol


      12:52 glory hole

    65. Uriel Veil

      either I didnt realize how tall rhett and link are, OR chase is my height. XD

    66. Brokemechanic FPV

      Stevie is a Babe! Nice ketchup squirt 😍

    67. Violet Stavisky

      New favorite video 👌🏻👌🏻

    68. Violet Stavisky

      What would have happened if they got to the baguettes?

    69. Віка Г.

      I honestly can't tell if Chase is of average height or not because he looks so short compared to Rhett

    70. Cranked Time

      did Stevie twist her ankle but took it like a champ in round three

    71. Quill

      rhett always makes link look short, until you see link next to other people

    72. Seth Reynolds

      This feels so sus 👀

    73. Brandon Villatoro

      is it chase or is it ak daddy

    74. Ericka Serrano

      Seeing Rhett and Link standing with regular sized people is always... an abrupt reminder of these giants.

      1. Kaelyn

        RIGHT! I also always think Link is so tiny but that’s only bc I only ever see him standing next to Rhett who is a giant lmfao

    75. Marissa Olanick

      Rhett is so extremely tall.

    76. ZombiexCakes

      Are Rhett and Link just really tall? Or are Stevie and Chase just short?

      1. ZombiexCakes

        According to google, Rhett is 6’7 and Link is 6’ 😱 I always thought they were like 6’ and 5’6

    77. Matthew Growe

      Stevie is gorgeous. She's super model pretty.

    78. Naruto Uzumaki

      Its been a while ever since I've laughed so hard at a GMM episode to be honest ,Stevie was amazing and so was Chase

    79. Tiduspeco

      I've never wanted Stevie to lose so badly!

    80. JG Wentworth

      Day 31 of me trying to convince you guys to do a haribo taste test 😁

    81. Faith Mack

      10:47 “stap yelling” 🥺

    82. Alyssa Stutes personal

      😄 more Stevie & Chase on camera! This was great!

    83. Cooking with Pops

      Stevie can literally say "poop" and I'll melt all the way dowm.

    84. Kim Olson

      Favorite episode?

    85. Vance Perfect

      Steve looks young

    86. Cristal Ramirez

      Stevieee es so cuteee🥺❤️

    87. Drew Marvil

      Clamato Clamato... if that makes sense

    88. Krissy Weir

      Rhett took some extra Rhett juice today

    89. RxNebula 1

      Stevies eyes 15:33 ! XD

    90. 1of1

      I love Stevie!

    91. Chella Baby

      3:10 🤣

    92. M. Grant Teague

      "Stop yelling." As Link is all wrapped up with Chase sums up this show completely.

    93. Jessica Nicholson

      I love Stevies hair 😍😍

    94. Egg Express

      Is chase like microscopic or is everyone else just extra tall?

    95. REDnEXES

      we just saw a new urban dictionary phrase be born.........BLOW TO THE BAGUETTE

    96. TreeVision

      I keep forgetting how tall Rhett and Link are until I see them sat d next to regular people

    97. Ezra Cobb

      I hope Stevie lose

    98. that guy

      Look. gonna need you to be straight and attracted to overweight neckbeard guys with a sterling personality. 😅

    99. Tazzie1312

      There's just such a weird energy mushing cheese into someone's face XD

    100. Kris Schmidt

      Stevies laugh is so infectious and her smile is so beautiful 😻