Power Shredding Things In Reverse (Game)

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    Today, we're playing another round of Mystery Countdown Theater, seeing who can guess what is being crushed with a power shredder first! GMM # 1933
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    1. Jayce Kohler


    2. Cami M-G

      12:06 Rhett is zooted

    3. Rick Sanford

      Rhett looks like a convict.

    4. Ms. Mollie

      These things in reverse look like stop motion animation.

    5. Olenhol

      "You never have seen things shredded like this" Have you watched Les Claypool play Master of Puppets on bass guitar?

    6. Victoria Nava

      If only the buzzer was also a shocker 🤭🤭🤭 It would make it a bit more interesting lol

    7. Eric Parkinson

      This whole title is a big pause

    8. xXMoonWalkerXx

      rhett looks like a prison inmate

    9. Grace Lukoskie

      I dont know how I knew Link was going to lose at the beginning of this video.

    10. SouthernBoy

      I would dominate this game lol

    11. JG Wentworth

      Day 36 of me trying to convince you guys to do a haribo taste test episode😎

    12. Vance Borton II

      Rhett you forgot the windmill! Just sayin!

    13. Rasta BananaMan

      Damn Rhett is shiny tho

    14. Joely Stone

      Rhett looks like that one inmate who has been in jail for like 29 years, but no one knows why.

    15. Connor Walters

      Ah yes the styrofoam Disney character

    16. Michael's Chem Lab

      Pause and go to 13:54. Thank me later

    17. Ster Fry

      Hearing Rhett say dookie lol 😆😆😆

    18. Miss Woollyy

      On behalf of everyone in Newport, Wales.. Thank you for recognising our greatest triumph, keep on shreddin'! 🤘❤️

    19. ChaoswarriorX

      Rhett’s shirt looks like a work of art

    20. sydney

      I’m honestly shocked at how easily that helmet shredded.

    21. B B

      Day 112 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

    22. Cariesens Kaninen


    23. Anned Spuds

      If you kinda squint your eyes Rhetts shirt just looks like lots of super hairy spiders

    24. Myrvo

      Why Rhett be looking like an inmate

    25. NordicStorm

      Could you do an international cheese taste test? And use brunost (browncheese) from Norway??

    26. Sarah Flanigan

      Link starting to say "what is..." before every answer and no one stopping him

    27. HootOwlMe

      You can tell Link had to try and force that laugh-talking in the beginning. He owns it tho, so only respect to him

    28. Kayden .T.

      I will never be the same after watching him shred that air guitar 😂

    29. Septicye

      Mom: Go hangout with the neighbours My neighbours: 13:54

    30. Avionix

      "I offer you my insides" - Rhett

    31. Manny Heffley

      You’re one of my favorite HUfast channels! You are so funny! 😂

    32. Kyeto Kace

      7 + 8 + 5 + 8 + 3 + 9 + 7 + 10 + 6 + 7 = 70 points. What did you guys get?

    33. R J

      I think in the Wheel of Mythicality clip she said she's from Zagreb, Croatia

    34. Paige Rizzo

      I really loved Link's ".......ok" after Rhett's casual existential commentary on creation vs destruction

    35. -Ohokk0-

      wow really didn't expect gojzer to appear on gmm

    36. Gypsy LaRouche

      Rhett giving prisoner vibes

    37. so kold

      The rampant beggar relevantly challenge because cornet paradoxically search till a limping mice. ritzy, macabre sleep

    38. Jacob Gunnells

      Will the purple sweatshirt be in stock again?

    39. Riley Games

      I like know what it is and their like 🤔

    40. The Sean Long

      You should have collabed with Stevie T on that air guitar music. Or maybe he'll see this video and he'll shredeem Rhett

    41. Steve Thornton

      10 pts to Link for the fanboying

    42. Penelope Lavoie

      Am I weird or do y'all think of Rhett being the grandma in Little Red Riding Hood?

    43. Monica K

      you guys make me feel better :)

    44. Sarah Aldrich

      You can’t go head first into shred town

    45. Amy Snable

      Link really does look like a fan girl with Rhett’s face all over his shirt 🤣

    46. Anna Thomas

      Listen to Falling In Reverse in reverse.

    47. Meruem

      I didn't finish watch it. Rhett is cheating on the second round!

    48. Kahkashan Khurshid Roll no_05

      Horrifying shirts 😂😂

    49. Daheixiong

      Rhett looking like a 90's grunge band prisoner

    50. Julie Elise

      I’m glad I’m not the one who has to clean the shredder at the end of each round...

    51. George Mahon

      That ending was EPIC

    52. Edith Applegarden

      I offer you my insides - Rhett 2021

    53. Daniel Skiffen

      I want both of their shirts!!!!

    54. Kirsty McLaren

      you guys should play Mystery Countdown Theatre with videos from Time Treats! Super gross but super cool

    55. Cd 1

      I’m from Wales I used to work right next to the lynx shredder 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

    56. ThXhKIR

      Rhett is cheating he's just waiting for link to answer and then he answers and gets it right

    57. Jared Marr

      It’s ETcetera,Link

    58. Antal Bojtos

      You got pretty close with the Hungarian pronunciation. Just roll the r at the end.

    59. sorlag110

      So glad Rhett could get some probation to record this episode

    60. Ash Baron

      The crazy uganda intraoperatively grab because barge cumulatively bubble since a raspy step-grandmother. chemical, odd break

    61. Bot1000

      the end of the video is the most cringest thing I have ever seen.

    62. Game Informer

      Did rhett get arrested

    63. James Covell

      This video made me happier than a bear eatin' dookie

    64. Akbalaak

      Link and a Fugitive

    65. D - RO

      Is there no GMM more for this video?

    66. Capri Copsey

      I’m watching this at 4:30 🕟

    67. Leo Satvrn

      I offer you my insides 😭

    68. Red Eyed Giant Music

      “Destruction is a form of creation”-Donnie Darko

    69. Damian Luna

      They should make more of these videos

    70. sumyeezy

      Not me thinking “CHAIR!” in the last one because of the hint 🤦🏽‍♀️

    71. Ryan Vee

      I would buy both those shirts

    72. Tim Scharf

      Sometimes the punishments are bad for the audience too.

    73. Leilani Spence

      Its Rhett looking and sounding like a prisoner for me the first 3 min of the show🤣

    74. Kyan Whelan-scarini


    75. LEA

      I’m convinced Link has never truly wanted to win these games he’s just blissfully “Linking” his way through every game, and we all love to see it lol 😂

    76. BeetleSmasher

      The Wales shredder can shred 450 cars an hour.... does anybody realize how crazy that is. Think about it, 450/60 that’s 7 seconds. you can shred a A WHOLE CAR in 7 seconds, WHAAAAATTT. 🤯🤯🤯🤯

    77. BladeCrossEXE

      The Bear Eating Dookie is from Roosterteeth. While Geoff was potty training his daughter, he would tell her "Bears eat poop, and they live in the toilet. You should feed the bears!" Not kidding. Look up Roosterteeth Animated Adventures, and you'll find it.

    78. Samantha Thomas

      Dear Rhett, please get a haircut. We all need you to get one for our sanity as well as yours. Love, Samantha from your original home state, North Carolina.

    79. Emily Rose

      Watching the last 30 seconds muted is the premier experience of my week

    80. Kaylor And Khaos

      Link and I are starting a Rhett fan club and following him on his air guitar tour as his groupies. 🤣

    81. Anna Kennedy

      I was looking for infinity gauntlet as well so I’m glad they made y’all say it 😂

    82. VenatusDev

      IASIP music

    83. dear mira

      Magyar Nehez!!!!

    84. Carmelle Harben

      The pathetic space electronically handle because italian gully point behind a lying grade. steady, recondite windshield

    85. Ashley Rose

      Rhett looking like he just got outta prison 😆

    86. Robert Minnix

      BadgersHateMongeese TM

    87. Unboxitboo

      Links is a sore loser 😂

    88. Michael Antonio

      0:38 I think this moment will be recapped at a future court hearing.

    89. Marianne Bedard

      Why Reth look like Charles Manson in prison? Haha I love him hahaha😂😂

    90. Alexi Cox

      Ehhhh Welsh massive coming through with the giant industrial power shredders!!

    91. Toora Loora Laddy

      You guys should do one of these videos with those pencil/crayon carving channels

    92. Thor Christensen

      I love how "Davin" has turned into "Devin" specifically for MCT and MCT only.

    93. Chloe Tackett

      ITS HEAD AND SHOULDER LINK cmon you got this

    94. Drenched in black

      Rhett looks like he's serving a sentence 💀

    95. Steve Walters

      This was released on my birthday, and you know what my favorite things to watch is/are? Watching stuff in hydraulic presses and shredders! Happy birthday to me!!!

    96. Its Chingee

      “Maybe goyza is sacrificing hands” 😂😂

    97. jocyne92

      Rhett looks like a prisoner at the start of the video...

    98. Andrew Green

      Rhett would be sick in a band

    99. Crisneysi Mejia

      Rhett I loveeeee that shirt