Reacting To Things That Aged Poorly

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    In today's game, we're seeing who can fill in the blanks of old ads that have aged poorly. GMM # 1949
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    1. Jennifer Muller

      Did Rhett just fart?

    2. Amanda Knowles


    3. suzi ponce

      Omg link is successful at getting pity points 🤣 love you guys

    4. TalynCo

      Rhett's aged photo looks like George Carlin.

    5. Matt Philbrick

      9:41 "...which has also aged quite poorl*burp*y"

    6. Jo

      Links aged photo looks exactly like his dad 😂

    7. Jake London

      9:02 / 14:54

    8. Mr Giggles

      Old Rhett looks like Tomy Chong.

    9. Randy Yesenosky


    10. Coen Watt

      Rhett looks like Gandalf in that 2025 generated photo like exactly like Gandalf

    11. Megan Anderson

      Link looks like he’s slowly turning into Sweeney Todd

    12. lilly

      Old man Rhett is giving me Gandalf vibes.

    13. millenniumf1138

      They really need to keep doing this for thirty more years and see if they look like their aged photos!

    14. Nicholas Andrieu

      Rhett fart at 7:30

    15. Kae Caeru

      3:54 my first thought was Simon Pegg

    16. Joy Kwa

      Hi rhett hi link 🙋‍♀️💌😊

    17. Pickle Nik

      Why does old Rhett just look like that one old dude from the Simpsons

    18. Myndrot TV

      Sumner County Tn Representing!

    19. Joanna Kane

      I used to live in sumner county 🤔😳

    20. Arthur

      It's true though. A caring dad DOES always lube. What kind of dad would go in raw? Have a heart people!

    21. Rae

      I wish rhett would have tried 😟

    22. Love, Lorena

      5:00 in the year 2025?? Thats 4 years from now. How would they look that old?🤔😂

    23. Jasmine Lopez

      Old man looks great on you Rhett, honestly can't wait 😂

    24. Bobbi Vanet

      Shoutout to all my other 1/5 Mythical Metalheads 🔥💖

      1. why touyou


    25. sam souders

      I know they don't even know I exist but after years of watching them every day I feel like they're actually friends of mine lmao

    26. BlueRAZZ


    27. Inferdesu

      funny how edp isn't listed here

    28. Tanner Gill

      I live in Sumner Co. TN haha

    29. Williams Family

      Link... Where's my 50$

    30. Kyle Ross

      Rhett's aged photo looks like Mick Fleetwood today, of Fleetwood Mac.

    31. Some Random Lady

      Those aged photos are awesome!

    32. Wasif Choudhury

      Did Rhett fart around 2:36?😆

    33. Joseph Costa

      How do the census?

    34. Dan Norman

      2:35 Rhett farts

    35. Sean Brogan

      Finally something that's not junk food

    36. oak brooks

      Old rhett looks like freaking gandolf

    37. Kayla Morgan

      “I like how you smelled it first”

    38. Hoodoo

      i just took the hardest double take at 7:43.. i live in sumner county-

    39. jade xg

      I like how Link likes how he smelled it first 9:58 🤓

    40. Dylan

      The first one I was thinking the apple will break

    41. Ben Fennell

      I live very close to Sumner County, TN! But you’re right, not in it...

    42. Adrianna Miller

      Those aged photos looked awesome, nice job team Mythical!

    43. mexican rice


    44. Ivory mOOn

      Older rhett looks like mick fleetwood!!!

    45. Obsessive Fan

      I saw the tie one before but couldn't remember, then I made a guess and ended up getting it. Remembering things is such a jolt of energy.

    46. Teraindemal

      2025??!!! 😂🤣😭

    47. Devin Flowers

      I honestly wish you guys would post your bloopers you guys get when filming for shows!!!!

    48. Sally Skellington

      They ought to try every M&Ms flavor. I just tried a few and I like the Almond ones.

    49. mirthenary

      So Rhett becomes James May when he gets old(er)😆

    50. Nilanjasa Kundu

      Stevie is awarding points meaninglessly :/

    51. Joseph Neff

      This is one of the funnier ones.

    52. Layla Helmer

      i love good mythical morning

    53. Pergolesi1736

      There a question on the census about why you watch Mythical Kitchen that doesn't have an I Don't Watch It option.

    54. Paige Holbrook

      am i the only one who likes a puka shell necklace lmao i love the 90s/early 00s look

    55. SteventheThorn

      It’s business It’s business time

    56. Brianna Berger

      Old Rhett looks like Phil Robertson! 😱

    57. Charlie Durnford

      “To say that majorities, as such, have a right to rule minorities, is equivalent to saying that minorities have, and ought to have, no rights, except such as majorities please to allow them.” - Lysander Spooner, No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority (Complete Series)

    58. CinqL

      As a Canadian I appreciated the shoutout in the beginning !!

    59. zeroblackdeath 13

      I'm with her, the Mc inners is not good

    60. Allie Johnson


    61. Chris Heikes

      Is their anyone at this point who isn't aware of the true way to peal a banana?

    62. Miss Cannabliss

      Flight of the concords reference. Link has just become my favorite. Sry Rhett 🧦 🧦

    63. Jonathan X

      I guessed the Mans World

    64. Kristina Cornett

      This is the best episode I've seen in a while 🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍

    65. lycos94

      when they said the prize would be poorly aged art, i hoped it was going to be one of hitlers paintings

    66. Chris Heikes

      Sorry, bring back ltat!!

    67. Michael Page

      Rhett grows up to be Mick Fleetwood.

    68. YT Parental Guidelines

      This content is rated *YT-14 D.*

    69. Majesty

      I saw 2007 and immediately knew what it would say

    70. Pratham Parmar

      You guys should do something with perfumes and fragrance. Like top 10 men fragrances you guys like and score them

    71. Brionna Schutt

      i live in sumner county tn and i can’t explain to you how many times i was rewinding the video because i couldn’t believe he actually said it lol

    72. Red


    73. Larry Houdini

      Every time I watch this show for a month, leave it for a year, then suddenly remember it 😂😂

    74. Tyler Chartrand

      I have one of those necklaces…

    75. Convoluted Carcass

      TN gang\m/

    76. MooJr

      He looks like a older Mel Gibson

    77. circuswannabe

      Rhett is good at darts, link is good at filling blanks. Kinda.

    78. circuswannabe

      But the article doesn’t say binks-

    79. Tik tok Queen

      0:28 Link cracks me up!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🥴😆😭🤣😂

    80. Candice Perry

      It is awesome to watch good mythical morning I like the will it videos

    81. Andy

      They really just keep giving fan fiction writers more material episode after episode

    82. Johnny hilly Billy bo


    83. Burn It Down


    84. CyberWolf 5 7 8

      why does rhett’s future self look like he wants to hit two burglars with a shovel on christmas eve

      1. Paul O'Neal

        I think Rhett looks more like a Christmas burglar...

      2. Anna H

        😂😂 this is the best!

    85. Kristen the Pineapple

      I don’t think it’s a good thing that Link won😅

    86. um, ok


    87. Dustin Whitesell

      2:38 Rhett farts, then links face gives it away 😂😂😂

    88. catiecat102

      I reaaaaally wanna know what else Rhett is planing to do with that tie

    89. Heather Newton

      But why does aged Rhett look like Tommy Chong

    90. CoalDiamond- TheMagicRogue

      I knew the Joker one. That's a classic.

    91. Kai Lucas Zachary

      "Link was trying" that's the best Link point that Link has ever gotten lol

    92. Gabrielle Pitzer

      Can you guys do “Will It Coffee?”

    93. L Fitty

      Why does Link's aged picture look like the old man from the movie UP

    94. Nathan Boyd

      That aged up picture of Rhett looks exactly like James Randi.

    95. SacriPudding

      I got the first one (said failed instead of bombed but still) right so I'm pumped

    96. Bri Burleson


    97. Circus Baby05

      0:16 me who's allergic to penicillin:

    98. Victoria Ferguson

      8:56 no but I was close!!! Theres a word for a private detective that used to be used...I'm giving myself a point for being clever (the actual word in question btw was used as a slang for "mistake". And I know because I'm a writer and not for any other reason, I SWEAR)

    99. Robert Brunello

      You know what displeases me even more than the iPhone? iPhone shills.

    100. Coyote Underwood

      @13:35 I laughed so hard, “I kinda feel like...I’m winning”