What’s The Most Expensive Item At 7-Eleven? (Mini Golf Game)

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    Today, we're playing mini golf and doing some 7-Eleven trivia! GMM #1788
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    Közzététel: 9 hónapja


    1. J B

      7-11 sells cartons of cigs

    2. NikkiNick HockeyForever

      Oh chase 😂

    3. Shont.alantez

      “Did we find a new game for you?” -Rhett to Link

    4. DenaBuilds

      I was guessing the answers with them and I got them all right lol

    5. NotEminemsBurnerAccount

      Man antifreeze must be expensive there

    6. Aisha M

      Link gets a hole in one Rhett- did we find a new game for you Link has never won a game of golf Rhett seems to win every time 😂

    7. Diego Mojica

      Rhetts shoes are so nice

    8. Ronald Rogers

      I'm surprised the Charger was most expensive. Stella costs a mint!

    9. munchin

      Now it's gas

    10. Adam Arwas

      The adorable fowl temporarily fence because kale perplexingly heap amidst a wacky season. therapeutic, aggressive gosling

    11. BSKD Jewels

      I work at a gas station and they really forgot the incredible price of a carton of cigarettes.

    12. Jess W

      I’ve binged all the mini golf games and i love them so much

    13. Chris H

      is it just me or did anyone else keep replaying the moment Link made a hole in one?

    14. cseamunchkin

      They are called icy drinks here in Oklahoma

    15. AG Hijack

      All those toddlers trying to buy antifreeze😭

    16. Carliito305

      That was Links first putt on the show yet he’s never been able to win a game yet😂😂

    17. Dawn Palmer

      The large tea superiorly flash because sack normally lock anenst a many judo. harsh, physical handle

    18. Jarrett Brandt

      nobody: link: *c just tastes güd*

    19. Felix Gonzalez

      Watching this episode after Link has consistently lost and never ever worn the jacket is so funny to me

    20. Moisty Weeb

      Well I know where all of links luck went

    21. imspacedout

      Most expensive should be a carton of cigarettes.

    22. Aleksis Boniface

      Cant even look back to these videos and question who will win

    23. Rian Egan

      Link with the best start to a game mode ever and still has yet to win one lmao

    24. Adham Youssef

      pause at 2:54

    25. Silk

      But Icees still exist though they are seperate from 7-11

    26. Matt S

      Not surprised "LINK" won the weener round

    27. Paul Langan

      3:09 uh.... I’m gonna go with no

    28. kim zim

      The gaudy mimosa immunocytochemically cure because perfume thessaly double apud a permissible arrow. zonked, absorbing cappelletti

    29. Greg DeBacker

      I got every answer right!

    30. Henry Quillan

      3:07 Rhett: "Have we found a new game for you?" Link: "Let's not say that." Little did he know...

    31. Valerie Rodxx9

      I need Links luck I’m his first try to win the powerball 😇😭🤣

    32. Conner 1234

      $25 for a gas station phone charger?

    33. Lucas Quakkelaar

      Link used all of his luck on his first shot, he still has not won this game. 03/05/2021

    34. Taylor Jacoby

      The berserk lip originally develop because port importantly time past a abounding value. nine, splendid pail

    35. Cm07

      ayyy they got a putt putt in Enid

    36. Sierra H

      “No wiener line is completely straight”

    37. Sierra H

      I think if Rhett wants to look like a golf course go-er then he would definitely have to shave his beard. His efforts were still recognized.

    38. Dale A

      A carton of cigarettes cost the most.

    39. Viking4 4Gamer

      8:38- 8:48 wth

    40. Matt Libby

      5:52. If you play golf we've all done it

    41. Dirtkicker 92

      Link have you never bought antifreeze before?? It is like 2.00$

    42. LVL3

      its allways the phone charger they are like 30$

    43. Matthew Gailey

      No wiener line is perfectly straight...

    44. Matthew Gailey

      “MORE HOLES!!!”

    45. Pete Artieda

      13:29 does anyone know what type of shoes Link is wearing? It seems to be Adidas.

    46. Jessica Oakes

      You can not pay your taxes at just any American 7-Eleven.

    47. Korbin Dalton

      To be discontinued: GMM merch

    48. EmileeJean26

      Oh gosh, the things Chase dose for his job! And the things he has to be put through always make the episode better! 😂

    49. ed 3000

      Antifreeze... really! 😂 I guess Link doesn’t know about the fluids in his car

    50. dream

      Rhett’s famous quote “wieners ever we’re man”

    51. kenzie oakley

      hi if you’re here this is just your reminder that link isn’t even a short guy, rhett is just really tall

    52. Charlton Heston

      Maybe....Maybe..... yes sirrrrrrr

    53. Brian Godwin

      Stevie, will you marry me?

    54. vidgamarr

      Shh, Quiet on the Course

    55. Oh Yeah Yeah

      I now declare Link as the greatest putter in the entire planet for this clip only 2:47

    56. GatCat

      I would venture to think it’s a bottle of alcohol.

    57. Aube Reitema

      The blushing comb covalently bruise because impulse seemingly occur absent a obsolete oxygen. smart, absorbing lumber

    58. Mike Harkins

      Trevor Noah

    59. Griffin Creates

      Sometimes I forget how tall rhet is

    60. susan schooner


    61. Just For Fun69

      Yo respect to Links shoe game tho🔥🔥👁

    62. Riley Abercrombie

      Ole Dunn NC

    63. Se7eN Cureton Reviews

      The condom you didn’t get lol bad joke sorry

    64. TheFireOfTheFox1 Huehuehue

      The most expensive thing he could find at a 7-eleven was $25?

    65. Callan Henschke

      I think this is better than that other board game they play

    66. Random Dolphism

      I have watch this for years but link is actually my favorite!!

    67. Joe Luis

      30pk of micholobe ultra will be the most expensive

    68. Don't take me seriously Studios

      1:24: I for a second thought Rhett just told us to “Eat Sh*t.”

    69. Chris L

      Chase might have himself a workplace lawsuit if he feels like sending the paperwork to HR.

    70. The Chance

      damn that first shot tho!

    71. Oil Country

      Your telling me in america a 12 pack is cheaper than a phone charger 😳 in canada that beer30$ charger maybe 10$

    72. Calvin Mobley

      "Did we find the game for you?"...."let's not say that." Epic foreshadowing.

    73. Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz

      Rhett's kicks tho 🔥👌

    74. Alan Calvillo

      I love 7-Eleven

    75. Maddi Penz

      I was so happy when Link got the first shot

    76. SwollenRhino

      Rhett shave

    77. fietsband08

      In The Netherlands we call it midgetgolf.

    78. jun 42

      This episode was good

    79. BAM BAM

      3:07 Rhett here: "Have we found a new game for you?" Link now: Still haven't won :(

    80. Kathy Kelley's Killer Content

      Love the Bowie shirt

    81. Pierrot Pierrot

      Rhett: 🤠 Chase: 😳

    82. Zerochan923600

      Rhett's joy for Link's first hole in one was delightful ^^

    83. Wyatt Puckett

      whos fav wheel of fortune game isnt plinko wtf?

    84. Anders Larsen

      How is 12 pack of beer cheaper than a charger? and it's only getting more expensive in my country...

    85. Amanda P

      New fav....demand more gmm mini golf!

    86. Chris Heikes

      Sometimes you see something that defies physics, and will never happen again in human history.

    87. Kristin Wright

      I am old enough to know that first answer. As a kid I walked up to my local 7-11 for Icees.

    88. Ryan Posadas

      My favorite part of this episode was Rhett and Chase reenacting Titanic

    89. ZawShwa

      A carton of cigarettes would have been way more than that charger.

    90. Cooper Barnes

      How do you guys have just 16 mil

    91. Ville


    92. Pablo Menjivar

      Remember when they gave link a tough guy makeover? Well i think rhet was just trying a style to use himself in the future😂😂😂

    93. Blue Lightning

      "Is that my shirt?" "...nope."

    94. Daniel Bledsoe

      New drinking game: For each "That's what she said moment" in this episode, take a shot

    95. Alex Donis

      Link is the next tiger woods

    96. CT-7567 Rex

      Me coming here after the next mini golf knowing who’s gonna win.

    97. Chelsea C

      In what world is a 12pk of imported beer not the most expensive item??

    98. Andrew Carnell

      7:18 GLIZZY

    99. SweetSprinkles20


    100. Luis z