What Costs $850,000 On Amazon? (Mini Golf Game)

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    Today, we're playing mini-golf and answering some Amazon trivia. GMM # 1936
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    1. Ebay Account

      I thought your shirt said My Thical

    2. Lilah G

      love that healthy masculinity from link @ 8:23

    3. Mya

      Chase is the love of my life

    4. Jack Paxton

      8:27 *aggressive squeak*

    5. Atticus Stephenson

      Why does 4:47 feel a lot like spongebob and Patrick where Patrick struggles to get his dollar in the vending machine and spongebob is in a loop of disappointment and exacerbated hope lol

    6. Kritika Jha

      STAY IS A SONG BY BTS !!!!!!!!

      1. Kritika Jha

        Thank you for believing that Stay is a song by BTS. BTW not a hater... I just get emotional when it comes to BTS. Sorry :)

    7. Shadow Lurker

      Rhett is totally not tall,link is just short...

    8. Brian & Bri-Anna Finerty

      Should do walmart mini golf. Would be hilarious to watch

    9. Emrah Karadeniz

      This is the best thing Chase has ever played on this show hands down, I was dying the whole time lmfao

    10. Lexi Thomas

      Links winning!!! Nevermind he got blown away at the end lol

    11. Lexi Thomas

      WAP stands for Wet Azz Pu***

    12. Kellen A

      The satisfaction of seeing Jeff Bezos get smacked in the face over and over... Never felt a better feeling

    13. Scott S

      Alexa is now reading to me about an Amazon bird.

    14. JG Wentworth

      Day 39 of me trying to convince you guys to do a haribo taste test episode 😎

    15. Amanda Morgan Jones

      WAP...It's Wings And Pizza, y'all! 😆

    16. Pleb Obliterator

      i think next time rhett should wear the green jacket while golfing as a sign of superiority and a bit of a crutch for Link.

    17. jalen tackett

      Bro pause.. he’s gunna stroke the Amazon guy?

    18. Van Hansen

      These men will always be attractive to me😌

    19. NMason120

      wap, got all the little kids dancing to it. nice

    20. Sarah Courtney

      My alexa responded to the beginning lol

    21. kurshin burshin

      The capris are a bit much.

    22. Miles Lehman

      WAP = Water All Plants

    23. David

      No body gonna talk about the title change? Lol It said something about "Space Hotels" before.

    24. Crispy 867

      the story behind that sweater will never not be memorable. EVER

    25. samantha Kennedy

      thats a neat shirt Rhett !!

    26. lbednaz

      Here for the adorable Chase! Wish Link & Rhett would stop talking! Link is so petty, immature and a bad loser!

    27. Jason Vinetas

      Oof. I really thought link had it this time

    28. Amanda Warren

      So what exactly IS chases job description? Like if someone asks him what he does, what would he say? 🤣

    29. ARTIX 122

      You set of my Alexa

    30. Allin Rockwell

      My favorite episodes are when they try something other than food, watching them compete is always fun

    31. B B

      Day 115 of asking Rhett and Link to play among us

    32. Gary Miller

      The cloistered novel partially stir because engine gully pray than a ragged spinach. abiding, efficacious dinner

    33. Lillian Faulk

      CHASE NO!!!!

    34. ELMOS420WORLD

      Chase had me crying when he was playing on the green

    35. Hannah Houghton

      Did everyone just miss Chase getting barbie to kiss his boo boo better???? 🥺😂

    36. Anned Spuds

      Chase reliving his childhood is the cutest thing ever 😍 such a sweet boy

    37. Messy Cartoon

      Alternate title: 2 middle-aged men discover pop music

    38. Barbara Bush

      they should test which liquid is best for a slip and slide

    39. NordicStorm

      Could you do an international cheese taste test? And use brunost (browncheese) from Norway??

    40. Century Helix

      Imma need a Wet As Planned t-shirt, plz

    41. Infinity Pgg

      Those fools, WAP means *worship and prayer*

    42. Last of the Kanoonoos

      It's so weird coming back to GMM after a while knowing I've missed so much. Nonetheless, it is good to be back with GMM!

    43. Julia Stern

      friends I would strongly encourage you to buy from "the zon" only when you cannot find what you are looking for elsewhere. worth the effort to avoid such violent accumulation of wealth in one place at the expense of so many small businesses. at least go to the site of the manufacturer and see if you can get it directly from them.

    44. Eden Oros

      i love how old they seem, like the fact that they don't know what WAP means is so innocent and adorable

    45. Andrea Pearson

      bts i cant

    46. AJ North

      It's ridiculous how much I want to Link to wear that Put Put jacket

    47. Madison

      I thought Link was gonna say, “Wet As Pudding” 😂

    48. Who Knows

      former ceo?

    49. The Gr0nch

      Former CEO? Bezos is literally still CEO lmao

    50. ChaoswarriorX

      Don’t be afraid to hit chase. Links a savage

    51. Jamie Wang

      The literate random separately nail because architecture chemically paint pro a prickly edger. known, joyous minute

    52. MMainMManMMiles

      Can we all band together and buy the silver dollar

    53. Casey Hoolahan

      A classic Link sabotages himself by making up a rule no one told him he had to follow 😅

    54. Hayden Parker

      I have that coin

    55. Jorge Lechuga

      Dammit link lol you screwed yourself

    56. Treestain

      2:40 thats like 1.5 correct words as is almost right...

    57. The Lonely Vagabond

      If Chase EVER leaves this show, I'm going to cry!

      1. EPrimeify

        I cried when Jen left

    58. Geneva Alpert

      I'm so glad Rhett made a comeback I want him to never lose, I thrive in Link's suffering lol

      1. Sara Jerde


    59. Mark Tawney

      Chases devotion to this channel makes me proud

    60. Juliana S

      The jacket should be called “The Turf Tux”

    61. DM Destruction

      GMM believes in Faul Ya'll

    62. slayer1990z ashley

      Amazon seems kind of scummy

    63. Tuấn Ha

      Sutra sanghata :though of offering the buddha 's teachings - a single feather --up to 80,000 lives --always abudant

    64. chris Lovett

      Collect coins dudes said my pops 😂

    65. chris Lovett

      Rhett looks like a guy from gta

    66. Xavier Reyes

      "Im going to stroke Bezos first" -Link 2021

    67. get in

      More like BILLIONNAIRE Jeff Bezos!

    68. OGwilikers

      LOVE my downhill ding-a-ling

    69. Michael Davies

      “Hey Alexa, what is union busting?”

    70. dutchguy1975

      Even after Bezos stepped down as CEO he managed to screw Link over :P

    71. MAMA LUIGI

      Therapist: Rhett with drip doesn't exist. Rhett with drip: 0:01

    72. Christian Delossantos

      Link and reth had a sexed after the video

    73. Xion Eternum

      WAP stands for Wireless Application Protocol. It's a networking protocol for wireless devices.

    74. Diego delmar camarena

      What are those Rhett?

    75. Isaiah Rios

      y’all should make a channel call “Mythical Bloopers” & you just show bloopers from all y’all’s shows

    76. Eddy Craft

      Never thought I live to see guys wear capris

    77. Kaylynn Arsenault

      y'all activated my alexa who sits under my TV😂

    78. stecky87

      "Wet as Planned" Well, I hope so ;)

    79. Darque Matt3r

      Is it bad that I never heard of any of those bands

    80. Cocaine Mitch


    81. Pharaoh

      lets talk about that has lost its meaning they need to bring back the talking videos

    82. FOXHOUND

      If anyone can point me in the right direction to Links sweater in this, youd be my hero. I need it :P

    83. Nicole Mezher

      Rhett’s shoes were so fly today, liked them a lot

    84. fingers

      The highest price on Amazon? Your soul probably.

    85. serendipity_muse_

      i love how whenever bts is mentioned they tread so lightly nfjcjxjxja😭😭 "ARMY DONT COME FOR ME NOW PLS" 💀💀

    86. Brie G

      “Say you’re sorry man!”

    87. Dan


      1. Dan

        Lmao *beatles bloody autocorrect

    88. Aarti Saundalkar

      Did anyone else see that Chase made barbie kiss his finger to make it better!?! haha...

    89. Shaun Dizzurp

      The powerful racing neurologically reply because politician biomechanically jail pro a important science. fluttering, neighborly vacuum

    90. Khurb

      I thought space hotels was common sense...

    91. uvion

      Can we talk about the fact that someone clumsy like Link should not be downhill mountain-biking?

    92. Maz


    93. michael lee

      10:25 .....

    94. B Mack 404

      NGL links shoes are dooe but I cant tell what they are. Anyone have an idea?

    95. Leonardo Korowajczuk

      So that's where all the stolen Amazon boxes needed up at! It was a conspiracy all along!!!!

    96. Anna Yuqi

      Amazon stole trays from toys r us and that’s probably why they went outta business 🤣🤣

    97. White Fang


    98. Parker Gibbons

      Link on a mountainbike? Bike check?

    99. David Wiley

      You want a union and to not have to pee on the line...Amazon don't got that.

    100. EuphoricGaming

      Stay is a song, by BTS, yes. xD they are.