Who Can Make The Loudest Noise? (Challenge)

1 M megtekintés103

    In today's game, we're seeing who can make the loudest noise. GMM # 1923
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    1. James Padilla

      "If I had three Micks"

    2. Drew James- Hyperkidd Studios

      ah yes everyone's favorite alternative radio station hit "I Can Make Your Hams Slap"

    3. Brandon Andrews

      My hair goes up my hair goes down

    4. Wendigo Wicounty65st

      Hey i love u guys been watching y’all fo a while now

    5. Shawn Herbert

      That was such a weak sword wing at the mailbox. Put your body into it!

    6. Greg Martinez

      Is Rhett like low key becoming damiel?

    7. Blake Walker

      I’m literally an hour away from Decatur Illinois

    8. Ranjan Biswas

      That smosh part was one of the biggest flex of youtube community.

    9. mattew0113

      1:56 Boom roasted

    10. Andrew Boyles

      Link was robbed

    11. Basically that bugs bunny no meme

      This could've been cooler.

    12. Max Ellis

      I'm really surprised that Rhett didn't slam the mailbox with the flat side of the sword. Surely that would have been noticeably louder.

    13. CaseRefraction

      Get everything you need at Mick and Ralphs!

    14. Yosh

      You guys HAVE to do an episode where link is played by danny devito but everyone has to act like its actually link

    15. Eryka No Badu

      Whoever Mick is better stay away from Link.

    16. Rayen Nom


    17. Rayen Nom


    18. Rayen Nom

      Guys cool

      1. Rayen Nom


    19. crabcrunch

      Watching two grown men yell “mick” at eachother is just amazing

    20. Mike Clinton


    21. Meghan Ashley

      by the skin of his TEETH!!!!! LMAO

    22. iComelli

      RALPH! Mick.

    23. Michael Coryell


    24. Username : PENGUIN9013

      Yeah , the best Asmr ever!!! , I use it for a sleep , It is a very great Asmr!!! Rating to this Asmr : 10/10 Loudness

    25. Aiaden Rogers

      I once yelled at 130 decibels for a contest in our small town. I've wanted to be a drill sergeant ever since.

    26. Kaelyn

      Rhett seemed so playful in this, it was adorable HAHAHAH

    27. A Mathematical Room

      RALPH, mick, RALPH, mick... Rhett, Link, Rhett, Link... In some alternate universe Ralph and Mick are Rhetting and Linking.

    28. Robert Humphrey

      As a clarinet player that second round hurt lol

    29. KalleKiwi

      I love the way they put together their clarinet. LOL! From a clarinetist

    30. Cubekid

      6:56 I got the idea that Rhett was that guy

    31. inkoftheworld

      Why is Rhett hitting that floaty with a cane so damn funny, omg. x.D My face is getting red from laughing. I'm gonna watch it again. lmao.

    32. ErraticArtist

      Millions of years of human evolution and countless inventions have lead to this: I can watch a man on the internet slap a ham with a fly swatter. It remains one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

    33. Ericka Serrano

      12:48 Link Neal ily 🥺

    34. Foosmar Kyo

      me: vacuums the floor police: stop! You've violated the law!

    35. Jordan Brekkem

      I will buy a "BAM I CAN SLAP THAT HAM!" T shirt!

    36. Necromodis

      Decatur has a new claim to fame now XD

    37. Una Gogic

      anyone else get reminded of shmidt saying "SHMIDT" when Link was yelling "MICK"???

    38. Lil Drummer boy

      Drummers: Bet.

    39. Kenneth Ng


    40. stigwastaken

      Ewww Decatur

    41. Kyle Alexander

      Here to eat link alive in the comments for spending 50 bucks on the sign instead of keeping the drum

    42. KaiaSaurus

      "I got you with Ralph"

    43. mya luv

      Love when Rhett wears his hair down reminds me of Tarzan 😂😂

    44. Daniel Heff

      You could say "Yanni" louder than "Mick" easily

    45. Miles Latte Giuliana

      6:43 yes link, yes

    46. OOGA BOOGA

      Just eat Taco Bell Then go to the bathroom

    47. MilkMenYT

      Bro I live in Decatur no joke Yee haw homies !!!

    48. Brandy bubs

      Link is so sad lol

      1. Momish

        no he is cool

    49. Targetfilam Tiger

      The warlike cow rapidly terrify because shake exclusively grin except a miscreant cheek. messy, strong range

    50. Ya Boi


    51. Jake Brualdi

      I'm 100% sure that their meter was way too far away. My cat purrs louder than 70 decibels, and a motorcycle engine is 95 decibels.

    52. John Aguilar

      The robbery 😂

    53. Patrick14

      Lol 6:43

      1. Patrick14

        @Momish that sounded like walk from pantera

      2. Momish

        Musical genius 😂

    54. Kendria Price

      Rhett and Link should go on The Masked Singer as a duo!!!

    55. Stephanie Kimbrell

      i’m so ashamed of this video. it’s embarrassing. the disrespect towards the gift from heaven himself, Danny DeVito, is atrocious to say the least. i expect Rhett and Link to issue a formal apology.

    56. alex

      how did I know rhett would say ralph? I was literally thinking it in my head before he said it. our chakras are aligned

    57. John

      Not sure why a person like Rhett, who has an engineering degree, would not use the side of the sword to hit the mailbox.

    58. David Robinson

      Is that a bearded Goldie Hann

    59. Dalton Bradrick

      Mick and Ralph's is a store in the game Fallout New Vegas so if they made up both of those randomly that's really funny

    60. Justin Kennedy

      11:57 watch at .25 speed lol oh my goodness

    61. Daniel Andreas Laurids Hansen

      Who else was yelling MIck before link did ?

    62. RacerW123

      I feel pain watching Link choose the clarinet and use it, cause I play the clarinet :(.

    63. Jasmin Jay

      Rhett’s hair is so glorious

    64. Ramsey Schaefer

      Link was robbed

    65. James Haberecht

      Imagine if smosh was playing silent library while this was going on

    66. Chrisjen Vizzuso

      that was the best ending ive seen in a while lmao..

    67. Shit Ass

      0:53 they’re like the seagulls from Madagascar

    68. Cristina Flores

      The bad popcorn univariately coil because bass immunophenotypically type athwart a petite ash. macho, large brow

    69. Eric Coen

      As a former clarinet player, the clarinet and chimes bit gets me every time!

    70. Ricky Lee

      danny devit lmfao

    71. Jacqueline Carrillo

      Stevie blew it

    72. Nolan Young

      the ending where link just had his arms crossed and grumply saying mick had me dying

    73. PhinnDiesel

      7:00 What was Links aim right there? lmao

    74. Lexi Thomas

      Comeback of the year haha

    75. Larissa Dawn

      The Clarinet at 5:48 made me so sad

    76. Alex

      Link, you lost it because you spent an unnecessary fifty on taking the grandma sign

    77. Thank You

      Links face when he realized he lost 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    78. Drake Moore

      rhett:MEA link: MEA

    79. Orient Prospect


    80. Mighty Madness

      Warning to any headphone users.

    81. Yoon Min

      I want to say that shepherd looks like Rhett but in reality Rhett looks like shepherd

    82. X_Vicious_X

      Somebody please explain to me the wheel of mythicality

    83. Be


    84. Petar Gačić

      Smosh side ???

      1. Celtic Lass

        Rhett and Link's company Mythical acquired Smosh a couple years back. :)

    85. gucky

      M I C K

    86. Conner Firkins

      Dear lord, I stopped watching the show for a while. Rhetts hair surprised me

    87. F1 Fan

      Yes Rhett won 🤣

    88. Cassandra


    89. James Koncar

      7:55 thought it was Stephen Colbert

    90. Bob Sanderson

      I beg to differ, DEREK is so much louder than Mick

    91. Alexander Byron


    92. faatman42

      I love that you guys picked up Smosh.

    93. James

      The mini gong/ tam tam looks cool. I got the opportunity to play gong and concert bass drum for our marching band show last year. Definitely the most fun I’ve ever Had during practice while everyone in the park just gives you a round of applause. And that legit happened 3 times a week.

    94. DCO Nightingale

      Saying that you look like Danny Devito is one of the highest compliments you can receive.

    95. antrich110

      rhetts face when link played the clarinette hahahahahah 6:42

    96. Joobaly 77

      Idk why Link went up to 50 in the last bid, he could’ve just put 2 up?

    97. Hampus Stenlund


    98. MaTriX

      6:39, that was hilarious.

    99. James Lionheart

      13:10 Link's face tho...

    100. Benjamin Adelson

      yall seem like yall were pulling your hits